Beautiful Astronaut Tapestry To Hang In The Wall


The room that one sleeps and spends most of the time it is like a personal space, and that space is best utilised when it is decorated according to the likes and dislikes of the person. 2To decorate the room, there are many options such as fairy lights, lava lamps, posters and tapestry that can be used to decorate and make the space more personal.

The things that one uses to decorate the room or other spaces of the house are very personal and showcase the personality in form of the items used within the room.

What is Tapestry?

A tapestry is a form of art seen in the textile industry, that is woven by hand on a loom. The yard over weaving, in which all the threads are hidden in the finished work of a tapestry, unlike weaving done on the cloth where both the warp and the threads may be visible that work. Tapestry goes back to ancient times, which were woven to depict a form of a story or family portrait that was woven with the threads to put on the wall of the house. This tapestry was also done to gift people, especially to kings and queens. Apocalypse Tapestry, Adoration of Magi, The Triumph of Fame, The Lady and The Unicorn, The Story of Abraham, etc are some of the famous tapestry art.

While the woven technique is ancient and traditional, nowadays with new technology and advanced equipment’s tapestry is made by printing or other ways through which designs are imprinted into cloth. Tapestry’s where long gone, and discontinued only to bring them back for minimalistic millennials who love the designs and some tapestry in their room.


Mandal tapestry, Astronaut Tapestry, Flamed Deer, Moon phases tapestry and more. The tapestry adds a spiritual touch to the room and is a way to give the space a more personal touch and a way to portray the person’s more in-depth personality. Tapestry can be personalised as well and one can put their own picture or something more symbolic to hang to the wall of their room.

Starry Astronaut Tapestry:

A starry Astronaut Tapestry is a good addition to the room, the dark-colored tapestry is not only different and unique but amazing exhilarating. Hang it on the wall room and be astounded at how the room and its whole outlook completely changes. The fabric is soft and washable, even in the washing machine, the print will not fade or wash off.

The material is made of 100% polyester, it can be machine washed or hand washed. It is woven, the cloth but the astronaut made is printed. It is in a rectangular shape, hang it on a wall and make be assured the whole room is about to be enhanced by the tapestry’s presence.


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