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‘Star Trek: Picard’ S2E7: A Stand-Out Visitor Star Helps Jean-Luc Confront the Monsters in His Head

Star Trek Picard S2E7 A Stand Out Guest Star Helps Jean Luc

This season of Star Trek: Picard has proven its ensemble forged lots of love, giving every sequence common a while within the highlight. This week, nonetheless, we spend some high quality time with the title character, digging deep right into a defining second of childhood trauma with the assistance of a improbable visitor star.

Most of Picard’s story in “Monsters” takes place inside his thoughts, slot online in a pair of parallel coma goals. In a single, Picard is being taunted by a Starfleet analyst as a part of a compulsory psych analysis. The analyst, portrayed by James Callis of Battlestar Galactica fame, has a biting wit and no persistence for Picard’s emotional obfuscation. In an effort to pierce Picard’s emotional defenses, the analyst challenges Picard to improvise a easy kids’s story, and Picard begins spinning a yarn a few benevolent queen and her younger son being threatened by a monster who resides of their residence. The opposite dream is the story he’s spinning itself, by which the characters are represented by a younger Jean-Luc (Dylan Von Halle) and his mom (Madeline Clever). (Whereas not named at any level this season, TNG establishes her first title as Yvette.) The fairy story unfolds in matches and begins because the analyst prods Picard to complete it, but it surely’s additionally interrupted by the arrival of Tallinn, who has psychically projected herself into Picard’s thoughts in an effort to wake him from his catatonic state.

The scenes between Picard and the analyst are among the many better of the sequence thus far, such that I virtually want that this episode (or not less than, this subplot) had been a two-man play. Patrick Stewart and James Callis play off of one another superbly. Callis’ character picks aside Picard such that he can’t maintain his practiced calm, and finds himself shaken and struggling for phrases. We’re seeing flashes of the delicate baby who he was, not simply within the fairy story world, however in Stewart’s efficiency. The analyst, being born of Picard’s personal psyche, is aware of his weaknesses and cuts by way of his repression, however his actual edge is the shape Picard’s unconscious has given him: that of his late father. (His title additionally goes unmentioned right here, however it’s Maurice.) Picard doesn’t acknowledge him till late of their confrontation, and I consider that this isn’t solely a comfort of dream logic. Till the top of this story, Jean-Luc Picard hasn’t actually seen both of his dad and mom as human beings.

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Within the fairy-tale dream, Picard and Yvette are pursued by way of the catacombs of the household chateau by ghoulish creatures. Younger Jean-Luc is left alone as his mom is dragged away by some unseen power, and he refuses to maneuver out of worry that she received’t have the ability to discover him once more. When Tallinn arrives, she helps him face the darkness, which appears to fire up some braveness within the older Picard within the parallel remedy dream. Ultimately, the goals mix, and Picard and Dream-Maurice unlock the true story that he’s been repressing for many years. Whereas Jean-Luc’s recollections of his dad and mom’ fraught marriage are actual, they’ve been absent some important context: Yvette suffered from a psychological sickness which, although not named, is described very very like bipolar dysfunction. Someday, Yvette rushed off in a panic to the damaging catacombs beneath Chateau Picard, with a twelve-year-old Jean-Luc in tow. When Jean-Luc’s foot grew to become caught in a damaged floorboard, Yvette left him behind. Maurice discovered him three hours later, then confronted an unstable Yvette, which Jean-Luc has lengthy remembered as an aggressive act quite than a protecting one.

I’m happy that the implication from this season’s premiere that Maurice was an abusive husband turned out to be greater than it appeared. That Picard was really the kid of an unwell mom isn’t any much less cliché, but it surely does not less than create some sophisticated new emotions for Picard who, having commemorated one guardian and vilified the opposite all his life, now has to see them each as actual individuals. His mom beloved him dearly, however her unwillingness to simply accept therapy for her psychological sickness is as chargeable for his scarred childhood as was his father’s course, cussed coronary heart. The story doesn’t completely exonerate Maurice, both, as dealing with an unstable partner doesn’t excuse his merciless and dismissive angle in direction of Jean-Luc and his Starfleet goals. All it means is that Jean-Luc not must blame himself for failing to guard his mom from his father. It’s a reduction to study that Maurice isn’t a monster, he’s simply sort of an asshole. For Jean-Luc, who has feared turning into his father his complete life, that might make a giant distinction to how he sees himself and the dangers of turning into somebody’s companion.

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1650245099 463 ‘Star Trek Picard S2E7 A Stand Out Guest Star Helps Jean Luc

1650245099 463 ‘Star Trek Picard S2E7 A Stand Out Guest Star Helps Jean Luc

In the meantime, the romance subplot between Chris Rios (Santiago Cabrera) and Dr. Teresa Ramirez (Sol Rodriguez) marches ahead because of some refreshing, if probably timeline-shattering honesty. Hoping to make up for his prior deception, Rios gives full transparency and even beams Teresa and her son Ricardo aboard La Sirena as a gesture of belief, although most likely as a lot as an indication of how cool he’s. This storyline continues to attraction because of the chemistry between Rodriguez and Cabrera, however will get cringey nearly any time Ricardo is concerned. This isn’t a particular knock in opposition to the younger actor who performs him; virtually no story about grown-ups is improved by the presence of an excitable baby, particularly after we’re clearly meant to see him as simply the cutest factor. We additionally see a little bit of Seven and Raffi’s investigation into the lacking Agnes Jurati, although solely sufficient to catch them up with the viewers. Love is certainly within the air, as their scenes collectively characterize the one time all season that we’ve seen the couple performing comfy with one another.

Waking from his coma, Jean-Luc tries to make sense of why Q would set him on this path to start with. He extrapolates that, since Q clearly needs him to know himself higher, that maybe he ought to be attempting to know Q higher. Often, when Q comes round, Picard is preoccupied with attempting to make him go away; he’s by no means actually tried to study what makes him tick. Now, he could have to achieve out to him so as to put an finish to the risk to the timeline. I’m usually of the opinion that Q is healthier off being mysterious and unpredictable, and that Q’s fascination with Picard or humanity has by no means required clarification. I’ve my doubts that any backstory for Q could possibly be satisfying after 35 years of thriller, however on condition that that is doubtless John de Lancie’s last run with the character I’m sport for a extra intimate story as his swan music.

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We’ll have to attend a bit for that, nonetheless, as Picard and Guinan’s (Ito Aghayere) try and summon Q utilizing an historic El Aurian wine decanter inexplicably fails. (Guinan’s name receiving no response is fairly ominous. It appears fairly clear that Q is on dying’s door, however may the whole Continuum be ailing? Star Trek: Discovery units the Federation’s final identified contact with the Q someplace within the twenty sixth century, and this could possibly be the start of their demise.) As an alternative, Guinan’s bar receives a go to from the FBI, who place her and Picard beneath arrest beneath suspicion of being house aliens. Whereas I benefit from the dramatic entrance of the lead agent (Jay Karnes), who appears at first as if he could be one other Q who’s come to mess with them, it is a plot complication I’m not terribly enthusiastic about.situs slot online Didn’t we simply rescue a crew member from authorities custody two weeks in the past? As has change into customary for Picard, the stinger establishing the following chapter retains this one from actually sticking the touchdown, however in any other case, this one’s a winner. 

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