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Embankment wetting videos

September 21st, 2011

Wet in public

Wetting her pants on a local embankment wasn’t the greatest idea for this amateur chick, but what could she do if her bladder was so full after too much juice and she couldn’t hold it any longer? She had to just lean against the granite wall and let it go pissing right into her pants and getting them totally soaked with her warm golden nectar. Unplanned public wetting as it is!

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Pissing through red leggings

September 13th, 2011

Wet in public

Oops, she did it again! This amateur chick peed right through her sporty red leggings wetting them together with her thin panties right in the middle of a town street. She just loves this feeling of soft wetness down below and the fact she might get caught satisfying this depraved pissing urge in a public place makes her really excited. She drank a lot on purpose and shamelessly wetted herself in front of the camera. A must-see!

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Wetting through

September 5th, 2011

Wet in public

The building doors are closed and no one answers the bell – what an unlucky fail for this amateur redhead who is so desperate to empty her bladder she just can’t hold it any longer. She leans against the wall and finally gives up relieving herself without even taking off her new panties and skirt and wetting both her stuff and the asphalt under her feet. What a shame! This public wetting happening got captured on cam and now everyone can witness her disgrace.

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Panties-wetting on a swing

August 28th, 2011

Wet in public

This amateur chick is more than just enjoying her time on a swing in a local public park, but the unexpected pissing urge catches her off-guard and she finally realizes that her panties are already soaked in urine and the golden drops trickle down her thighs. Other people on this playground have no idea she just wetted herself and it makes her feel so pleasantly aroused she just keeps pissing right through her panties.

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Blonde wetting new breeches

August 20th, 2011

Wet in public

What can be more exciting and shocking at the same time than watching a sexy and desperate amateur gal wet her new expensive breeches right on the street? The city council should have thought twice before cutting down the public toilets program cuz now ladies like this have to pee their pants right in the middle of a sunny day. What a disgrace, but at the same time what a turn-on for a real public wetting connoisseur!

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Wetting because of traffic

August 12th, 2011

Wet in Public

Because of heavy Monday traffic this amateur chick had to get off the bus two stops before hers cuz she was desperate to pee and hoped to find a public restroom. Poor naive kitten, there was none on her way and she ended up wetting herself right on the sidewalk hiding behind a parked car. What a shame! She didn’t hide from our agent's camera and got her wet pants captured up close throughout the process. Wow!

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Chick wets her pants and sneakers

August 4th, 2011

Wet in public

This outgoing amateur chick dressed up for the first date with a new bf, but had to call it off because of a sudden pissing urge that caught her totally off guard right in the middle of a city embankment. She was desperate to find a place to relieve herself, but having found none she ended up wetting her pants and favorite red sneakers in a public place and to her own surprise clearly enjoying the experience.

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Wet jeans and no shame

July 27th, 2011

Wet in public

This bigtitted amateur chick shamelessly wets her jeans right in front of a house she lives in as her perverted friend captures the whole thing on camera. It is this moment of wetness, shame and total disgrace that makes her so excited and she just can’t wait to get home and get naked for some steamy fucking. If you like watching amateur ladies wet their pants in public places this gallery from Wet in Public is definitely a must-see.

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City embankment self-wetting

July 19th, 2011

Wet in public

There’s something about these long city embankments that makes chicks wanna pee so bad they end up wetting themselves right on a sidewalk. This hottie in eyeglasses is desperate, shocked and ashamed, but she just can’t stop the golden stream gushing out of her pink slit. She’s lucky to have a skirt on and the hot pee just drips down her thighs and calves wetting her nylons, high-heel shoes and the asphalt below.

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Sunny day street wetting

July 11th, 2011

Wet in public

Nothing pleases this chick with cute ponytail more than wetting her new pants right on the street in the middle of a sunny day. She can’t control her pissing urge and when her pants are soaked with hot urine she doesn’t even try to hide it and keeps walking like she wants the whole world to see the wet spot on her ass and thighs. Amazing public wetting just the way you love it – what a delight for a true connoisseur.

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