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Shame of a public wetter

October 16th, 2012

Wet in public

Wetting herself in public makes this naive amateur chick feel so embarrassed she simply doesn’t know what to do. A few minutes ago she was just taking a walk on the street and now her jeans shorts are soaked in golden juice and the wetness down below makes her feel absolutely uncomfortable. She’s been in a situation like this before and it always gave her the mixed feelings with shame and breathtaking arousal at the same time. Public self-wetting is slowly becoming her addiction, the one she’ll probably never admit, but the one she already enjoys.

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Redhead pissing in a shady park

July 22nd, 2012

Peeing Mania

It’s a great day and a nice place for some explicit outdoor pissing and this pretty redhead is all alone in a park spreading her crack and taking a leak without even having to squat down. The stream of hot golden nectar falls on a straight line with gravity working its magic to make it look so breathtaking. There’s nothing like watching a cute chick pee in the open and this one makes you wish you could join her there to share the magic of the moment.

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Street wetter on her way home

June 26th, 2012

Wet in Public

Drinking beer while walking home from the mall after half-a-day of shopping was possibly a bad idea for this cute and totally unknowing amateur sweetie. With no public WCs in her sight she ended up wetting herself in public and had to keep walking after leaving a pool of sweet pee right on the asphalt. She doesn’t even know she got captured on cam while wetting herself feeling both humiliated and satisfied after this street accident.

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Outdoor pissing on the slide

April 17th, 2012

Peeing mania

Ever since this pretty blonde realized that outdoor pissing was her true calling she never misses a chance to have some pissing fun outdoors when the weather is right. This time she visits one of the local playgrounds and squats down on the slide stairs launching a wonderful stream of hot pee straight down and giving a few breathtaking views of her dripping wet pink. Peeing Mania in its purest form!

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Public park pussy flashing

March 26th, 2012

Public Expose

A sweet touch of warm wind on this beauty’s wet cunt makes her more excited than ever before as she gives a nasty public expose right in the middle of a public park. She doesn’t give a damn about all the people passing by cuz getting undressed in front of the casual witnesses is an erotic adventure she always craves for. This depraved public exposer is totally out of her mind and you’re gonna totally enjoy it.

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Stand-up pissing

January 21st, 2012

Peeing Mania

This pretty amateur redhead doesn’t even need to squat down to take a leak outdoors. She just pulls her short dress up and spreads her legs unleashing a nice golden stream straight down on the ground. Her wet unshaved cunt looks absolutely fantastic with drops of hot pee all over her pubes and a few ones even dripping down her legs.

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Happy pissing days

October 9th, 2011

Peeing mania

A real addiction to outdoor pissing has our favorite redhead relieving herself near a small forest lake. With her butt pressing into the wooden fence and her legs spread wide she launches the most amazing stream while standing and wets the ground in no time like it’s raining. You gotta love the unique style this cutie brings to the table and even if you don’t consider yourself a fan of the genre you’re gonna definitely love these pissing pics.

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