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Humiliating wetting under the bridge

March 30th, 2012

Wet in public

When a sudden pissing urge makes this chick jump out of the cab she doesn’t have time to look for a public restroom and just runs down the stairs under the bridge. She still doesn’t make it in time as you can understand from the slurping noises coming from her boots and the wet spots on her blue shorts and striped socks. Poor gal! She ends up wetting herself in public and getting caught on cam. What a disgrace!

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Luxurious blonde pissing outdoors

March 28th, 2012

Hot Pissing

If you love naughty broads, beautiful pussies and outdoor pissing you just can’t miss this amazing longhaired blonde squatting down on granite stairs and showering them with her golden stream. It’s not like she is so desperate she can’t find a bathroom, she just loves spreading her pussy and relieving herself in public, especially when she has her sexiest party outfit on for this open air pissing display.

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Public park pussy flashing

March 26th, 2012

Public Expose

A sweet touch of warm wind on this beauty’s wet cunt makes her more excited than ever before as she gives a nasty public expose right in the middle of a public park. She doesn’t give a damn about all the people passing by cuz getting undressed in front of the casual witnesses is an erotic adventure she always craves for. This depraved public exposer is totally out of her mind and you’re gonna totally enjoy it.

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Hot party chick pissing outdoors

March 24th, 2012

Peeing Mania

This pretty blonde loves outdoor pissing so much she’s been waiting for a warm day like never before just to get outside and urinate under the trees. She has her party outfit on, but no time to look for a WC, so no wonder she ends up squatting down and showering the ground with her sweet golden pee right in front of the house.

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Public self-wetter in sexy skirt

March 22nd, 2012

Wet in Public

There’s no place to pee on the narrow city streets and when a desperate chick gets tired of looking for a WC she just leans against the wall and wets herself outdoors. Her sexy jeans skirt can’t stop the pee flow and with hot golden nectar dripping down her thighs she soon ends up standing in a small puddle of pee. Watch this public self-wetter as she goes through the most shameful and exciting moments of her life right in front of your eyes.

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Close-up on hot pissing pussy

March 20th, 2012

Hot pissing

Rarely do you see a beauty like this just squat down outdoors, spread her fuck hole in front of the camera giving you a nice view of the most desirable wet slit in the world and launching a stream of golden juice. We got so lucky to join this eager outdoor pisser in the most intimate, exciting and satisfying moment of her relief course and she paid us back with a wonderful leaking performance that gave every male member of the crew a boner.

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First full nudity showcase

March 18th, 2012

Public expose

It’s time for this slender blonde broad to start making her depraved public nudity fantasies a reality and on a great day for exposing her body in public she gets naked under a city center bridge shocking the guys and the girls passing by with a view of her seductive body. What a jaw-dropping showcase! She gets fully naked in public and some of the witnesses even start thinking about joining this hottie in her explicit nudity display.

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Nude outdoor pissing

March 16th, 2012

Peeing mania

Just emptying her bladder outdoors is not enough for this sweet slender blonde in cool sunglasses and she goes as far as getting totally naked and shamelessly doing her thing right on the street. She squats down giving a perfect view of her lovely pussy and launches a hot stream of pee wetting the tiles under her feet. Ain’t that fucking awesome when a chick pisses outdoors naked? This one is really a must see!

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Roadside panties wetting

March 14th, 2012

Wet in public

Desperately trying to find a bathroom this chick forgets about bladder control and ends up wetting herself on the street. With hundreds of cars passing by and people looking at her she feels so awful with warm wetness in her panties making its way down her legs and making them sticky from pee. Her short miniskirt is wet too and eventually she has to pull down her panties changing into dry ones.

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New spot pissing

March 12th, 2012

Hot Pissing

Rambling around the city looking for new spots for outdoor pissing this pretty redhead cutie ends up squatting down, showing her lovely pussy and peeing on the stairs of the river embankment. With her pink slit totally exposed and her buttocks almost touching the granite she feels so hot and perverted even her golden stream looks really fantastic during this outdoor pissing showcase.

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