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Central City Park pissing display

February 29th, 2012

Peeing Mania

Central City Park is a perfect public place for this amateur gal to shamelessly spread her pussy and piss in front of the camera. Doing it on a stylish bench makes it even more arousing and she almost cums right during the urination. Peeing mania took over her body and she enjoys nothing more than pissing outside in various places across the city.

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Public wetting in mini skirt

February 27th, 2012

Wet in public

When her bursting bladder needs to be emptied asap and her silly attempts to find a public toilet fail this amateur redhead ends up wetting herself in public. With a short sexy skirt like hers she gives an ideal view of her self-wetting with hot urine dripping down her legs, getting her shoes all wet and creating a small pool on the tiles below. She probably shouldn’t have drank so much juice, but in the end maybe public wetting is something she actually enjoys.

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Freestyle outdoor pissing

February 25th, 2012

Hot Pissing

If you appreciate outdoor pissing you just can’t miss these great videos with cute amateur lady squatting down with no panties on and emptying her bladder in front of shiny metal garage doors. She is alert looking around for casual pissing witnesses cuz doing her thing in the open makes her really excited when chances are she might get caught.

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Sexy dress and public nudity expose

February 23rd, 2012

Public Expose

Check out this charming blonde flinging her dress open and flashing her slender body in public right behind the tram stop. With all those random passengers shamelessly watching her she gets completely excited and continues her public nudity show-off not giving a damn about their disapproving looks. Her boobs, belly and pubes look really amazing both in the sun and in a tree shadow and she enjoys the whole thing big time.

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Shady playground pissing

February 21st, 2012

Peeing Mania

Peeing mania brings this longhaired amateur lady to one of the local parks and she squats down on a shady playground to spread her lovely pussy and shamelessly pee outdoors. First drops of hot golden nectar fall on the ground and she enjoys it big time fantasizing about something absolutely kinky and dirty while moving on with her outdoor pissing showcase.

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Pants pissing on the street

February 19th, 2012

Wet in public

This redhead lady often has no panties on under her tight pants and today when a quick pissing urge catches her right in the middle of the street she ends up wetting herself in public like a perverted bitch. Wet spots on her buttocks and thighs look both delicious and disturbing and the smell of pee makes her look for a place to quickly change into fresh clothes before another spurt of golden juice makes its way into her pee-soaked pants.

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Playground bench pissing

February 17th, 2012

Hot Pissing

This completely shameless amateur gal with long ponytails wastes no time looking for a public bathroom or another quiet place to quickly piss. She just sits on a colorful playground bench spreading her delicious legs in black hold-up stockings and launches a perfect spurt of hot pee outdoors giving an awesome view of her beautiful pink pussy hole.

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Public nudity exhibition

February 15th, 2012

Public Expose

This chick is ready to shock the people in a crowded public place flashing her breasts and pussy like a raunchy slut. Casual passersby can’t resist the craving to watch this beauty spread her wet flaps and play with her tiny nipples making herself and everyone around her totally horny. You bet they are going to come back to this exhibition complex hoping to see more public nudity expose.

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Redhead’s peeing mania

February 13th, 2012

Peeing Mania

When the pissing urge takes over and her perverted cravings get so strong she can resist them no more this redhead cutie ends up spreading her slender legs, pulling up her skirt and launching a fantastic stream in the open. The call of nature and the nature around her make it an amazing outdoor pissing day and she is completely happy to shower the ground smiling into the camera and giving a few breathtaking views of her gushing pussy.

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Piss-wetting on the street

February 11th, 2012

Wet in Public

Drinking liquids the whole day in a city she was visiting – did this naive gal really think she’d be able to find a restroom in time before her bladder took complete control? Now she’s so desperate to empty her bladder she ends up wetting herself right on the street and leaving a pool of piss on the asphalt between her feet. What a public wetting accident! She does it with so many witnesses watching her and expressing their disapproval.

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