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Stages of self-wetting

October 31st, 2011

Wet in public

What does an ordinary amateur hottie feel when she’s all alone in a new city and having drank too much water she is so desperate to pee she finally wets herself right on the street? The shame, the fear of getting caught and then the deep satisfaction from an exciting warm wetness in her pants – she goes from regretting about it to enjoying this public wetting stuff and getting really aroused with the setting and the process itself.

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Autumn road pissing

October 29th, 2011

Hot pissing

Autumn pissing in the middle of the road – it ain’t getting much better than that with this charming amateur squatting down in the open to urinate on a great sunny day. She gives a few nice close-ups of her pussy, a picture that would make any erotic fantasy even more pleasant and fulfilling for any outdoor pissing fan.

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Public dildoing in a park

October 27th, 2011

Public expose

Flashing your tits or even soaked pussy in a public place is one thing, but getting almost completely naked and dildo-fucking yourself in a large city park with people passing by just a few feet behind your back – that’s a whole other story. This sweet redhead is totally shameless and she loves this amazing feeling public dildoing gives her and the orgasm she gets from doing it outdoors. A must-see!

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Pissing frenzy in town

October 25th, 2011

Peeing mania

It’s peeing frenzy in town and this hot amateur blonde with an absolutely adorable pussy gets carried away with her depraved pissing desires squatting down in front of a granite wall and taking a leak right on the pavement. With a satisfied smile on her face you know she wouldn’t mind squatting down on a hard dick too, but right now she’s totally into street pissing cuz that’s what gives her the ultimate pleasure.

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Pantyless public wetting

October 23rd, 2011

Wet in public

With no panties on under her brown sporty pants this chick can just squat down on a city embankment and empty her bladder right through the thin cloth wetting herself and the concrete under her feet. She must have drank too much in the morning and her desperate search for a public toilet led her here, the only place she could at least partially hide from the large weekend crowds and relieve herself enjoying the exciting sensations only public wetting can give.

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Bathtub pissing

October 21st, 2011

Hot pissing

This amateur honey with awesome shaved cunt just returned home from a great date and being in a slutty mood she is up for some dirty pissing stuff tonight. She squats down on her bathtub and relieves herself right into it delivering a great yellow stream in front of the camera. She adds some stand-up pissing too wetting her feet and thighs and gives a few breathtaking close-ups of her pee-soaked pussy.

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Public nudity near railway station

October 19th, 2011

Public expose

This shameless lady shocks the passengers and the passersby getting completely naked in public and spreading her extremely unshaved pussy right near one of the city railway stations. With tracks just a few feet behind her and people walking by she gives an awesome body display, and you can tell it makes her really horny by the way her nipples get hard in the open. Keep your eye on this depraved public nudity exposer cuz she might be coming to your area too.

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Pissing on a shady park path

October 17th, 2011

Peeing mania

Squatting down to urinate in a public park this beautiful gal knew some guy has been following her with a camera and that’s what made this casual pissing act so amazingly exciting. A pleasant sunny day, a quiet shady path and hot pee streaming out of her pussy and wetting the ground between her feet – what a perfect setup and what a fantastic way to enjoy outdoor pissing.

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Neighbor captures self-wetting

October 15th, 2011

Wet in public

This cute chubby chick finally noticed the guy with a camera following her, but it was too late. She drank too much juice in the morning and ended up wetting her pants right in front of a house she lives in. What a shame! That schmuck is her neighbor and a depraved perv who loves catching unaware ladies off guard with his camera on and recording. Now he has a new public wetting video to add to his personal amateur collection and he’s more than willing to share it.

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Sporty blonde pissing outdoors

October 13th, 2011

Hot pissing

When the guys from Hot Pissing approached this nubile blonde right on the street with a modeling job offer she quickly agreed for a test session. They started with a few warmup shots and soon had her flashing her tiny panties with no hesitation. A few minutes later her pissing urge kicked in and she ended up shamelessly emptying her bladder in front of the camera and wetting the ground with her sparkling golden juice.

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