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Colored by pissing

August 30th, 2011

Peeing mania

Gray and dull city embankment needs some golden color to make it look nice and no one can make it look more attractive than this amateur chick who squats down under the wall and takes a leak showering the stone with her hot urine. We haven’t seen a powerful spurt like this in weeks and she seems to be launching it with ease cuz her bladder is so full she can’t hold it any longer. Great pissing cunt close ups. Enjoy!

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Panties-wetting on a swing

August 28th, 2011

Wet in public

This amateur gal is more than just enjoying her time on a swing in a local public park, but the sudden pissing urge catches her unprepared and she finally realizes that her panties are already soaked in piss and the golden drops trickle down her thighs. Other people on this playground have no idea she just wetted herself and it makes her feel so unbelievably aroused she just keeps pissing right through her panties.

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Pee waterfalls on the stairway

August 26th, 2011

Hot pissing

Not often do you get to see a chick this pretty squat down on granite stairway in the middle of a large city and shamelessly take a leak right there. She bites her lip and gives a few great close-ups of her hairless pink snatch and delivers a powerful sparkling stream making her pee flow down the stairs creating small waterfalls on each of them. Wow!

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Downtown public dildoing

August 24th, 2011

Public expose

When her kinky sexual urges break out of control this pretty amateur chick ends up shamelessly flashing her tits and cunt, getting almost completely naked in public and dildoing in front of the camera. With a downtown street right behind her she gets all wet in no time and being this aroused she can’t resist the temptation to fuck herself to orgasm with a red sextoy. If you love public nudity and city street dildoing you absolutely gotta see this episode from Public Expose!

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Wetting the stands

August 22nd, 2011

Peeing mania

This hot redhead pisser loves watching sports outdoors because when everybody’s in the game and not looking at her she can pull her cool pants down and take a leak right on the stands. It’s just a small public playground, but for her pissing here is like doing it on Madison Square Garden courtside seats. Watch her deliver a great sparkling stream of hot golden nectar and walk away with a happy smile on her pretty face.

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Blonde wetting new breeches

August 20th, 2011

Wet in public

What can be more amazing and shocking at the same time than watching a sexy and desperate amateur gal wet her new expensive breeches right on the street? The city major should have thought twice before cutting down the public toilets program cuz now women like this have to pee their pants right in the middle of a sunny day. What a disgrace, but at the same time what a turn-on for a real public wetting lover!

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Pissing on granite stairs

August 18th, 2011

Hot pissing

The large city park has this special spot many amateur pissers especially love, a long granite stairway from the bottom to the top of a grassy hill. This gal is new to public pissing, so coming to this special place to shower the stairs with her golden piss on a sunny weekend day means really a lot to her. Watch her as she squats down and delivers a sparkling stream so far facing the camera and wetting the granite like a little waterfall.

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Public nudity shenanigans

August 16th, 2011

Public expose

When it comes to showing off her cute titties and delicious pink twat this amateur blonde prefers public parks in the middle of a sunny week day when there are just enough people around so that somebody could notice her shameless shenanigans. She can do it anywhere – by the column, on the stairs or even on a short stomp. Sure enough she gets all those irritated looks, but that’s what she came here for cuz she loves this special public nudity exposure.

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Playground pissing in stockings

August 14th, 2011

Peeing mania

This used to be a public playground once, but now this place is not as crowded as before which makes it just what this amateur gal in red stockings needs for some outdoor pissing pleasures. Don’t mind her weird outfit cuz it’s not about fashion today. It’s all about spreading her legs in the open and shamelessly peeing while sitting on a sizeable playground log. Great pissing showcase and fantastic wet cunt close-ups. A must-see!

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Wetting because of traffic

August 12th, 2011

Wet in Public

Because of heavy Monday traffic this clueless chick had to get off the bus two stops before hers cuz she was desperate to take a leak and hoped to find a public restroom. Poor naive thing, there was none on her way and she ended up wetting her thin pants right on the sidewalk hiding behind a parked car. What a disgrace! She didn’t hide from our agent's camera and got her wet pants captured up close throughout the process. Wow!

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