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Jessie Shows Off For The Camera

October 21st, 2010

Jessie has never been much of an outgoing type of girl, in fact there are very few risks that Jessie is willing to take and she never ever thought that taking pictures of her tight shaved pussy would be one of them! Jessie has always been something of a prude you see, not really interested in anything to do with sex and even though she masturbates regularly she never really admits to it. One afternoon though Jessie was flicking through the cable channels and she came across a softcore porno. She wanted to keep turning channels but she was sucked in by the moaning voices.

The more of the porno that Jessie watched the wetter her pussy got and the more she wanted to tease her slit the more she began to imagine that she too was in a porno of her own. Pulling out her camera Jessie started to strip and she snapped pictures every few minutes as she stripped down to her delicious shaved wet pussy! Soon she was spreading those sweet pussy lips and she couldn’t keep her fingers off her plump clitoris!

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Rachel Pisses On The Flowers

October 20th, 2010

Rachel is a kinky redhead and when I say kinky I mean kinky to the fullest extent of the word, she just can’t get enough. She loves to tease and tease until her pussy is so wet that she can feel her shaved pussy lips sliding together and then she allows herself the release that absolutely blows her mind. One of Rachel’s favorite releases is teasing her pussy out in public. She just loves to go out in short skirts without panties on and when no one is looking she slips her fingers underneath that skirt and she teases her pussy until she just can’t take anymore.

Last week Rachel was feeling particularly kinky out in the park and even though she knew that people could see her she couldn’t stop herself from being a naughty tease. She had recently seen a pissing video that really got her turned on and she couldn’t wait to try it herself so looking around to make sure that she wouldn’t get busted she slipped out of her panties, stepped up on a rock in one of the flower beds and teasing her pussy she started to pee!

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Fiona’s Hairy Pussy

October 19th, 2010

Fiona has always been just about as kinky as they get and there is nothing that she loves more than going out on the town with a sheer skirt and a pair of tiny panties that barely cover up her sexy hairy pussy! Fiona just loves the feeling of knowing that anyone who bothered to look underneath her skirt would catch a peek at her sexy pussy and those soft pubic hairs that stick out of the sides of her panties! Fiona is a tease if ever there was one and she just can’t help herself because with a body like hers you would be a tease as well!

Take a look at these clips of Fiona as she starts off showing off in her leopard print skirt with her tiny panties underneath. She flashes her naughty smile and lets that camera underneath her skirt to show off those tiny panties! She is one kinky babe and she loves knowing that she is turning guys on with that sweet wet slit of hers. Even Fiona can’t keep her fingers off that delicious pussy of hers and when no one is looking she slips those fingers inside her panties and starts to tease her mouth watering twat until she just can’t take anymore!

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Yvonne Pisses Her Pants

October 18th, 2010

Yvonne had been waiting for her ride for thirty minutes already, her boyfriend had told her that he would pick her up after work but it seemed like he had forgotten because she had been waiting a long time. The longer she waited for him to come and get her the more desperate she got to take a piss. She had even gone before she left work to walk in to town to wait for her boyfriend to get off work but by the time she got there she had already drank another bottle of water and was starting to need to piss again and after thirty minutes of waiting she had to go even more!

As the clock ticked over to an hour past when her boyfriend was supposed to pick her up Yvonne couldn’t hold it anymore and as she stood there she just let go. It started with just a trickle of piss running down her thighs and she realized that it wasn’t all that noticeable so she started to let go a little more. The thing is though that once she really let go the pee started to soak through her pants completely and soon she was standing there with her pants completely soaked!

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Iris Shows Her Shaved Slit

October 17th, 2010

Iris is a kinky blonde teen who just can’t help but tease any and every chance that she gets. What gets Iris off more than anything though is taking people by surprise. Iris had had a crush on one of her friends for quite some time and when he asked her to come out for a day at the park and a hike on the hiking trail Iris got a naughty idea in her head. She was going to dedicate her efforts to teasing him all day until he couldn’t help but give in!

When they were out at the park Iris noticed that it was particularly empty. With the exception of one guy sitting behind her there was no one else around to see and so as Iris’ friend picked up the camera and started to snap pictures Iris couldn’t stop herself. Spreading her legs nice and wide Iris flashed her tight wet shaved pussy and her friend just couldn’t believe what he was seeing, her tight shaved slit just begging for his fat cock! Iris knew that she had him right where she wanted him when she looked over and say his throbbing dick through his pants!

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Lila Takes A Piss

October 16th, 2010

Lila went camping last weekend with her college best friend, he had always been a fan of camping and when Lila told him that she had never been camping before he made her agree to go camping with him. Lila had to admit that she was pretty excited about the whole thing but she was also a little bit nervous about doing the basics out in nature. Lila’s friend picked her up on Saturday morning and they went out together to the woods and set up their campsite. Lila told him that she was a little bit nervous especially about having to take a piss outdoors but he told her not to worry about it so much.

When the urge to piss first hit Lila walked away from the camp and decided to just go for it, pulling down her panties and squatting in the dirt. She had no idea that back at the camp her friend was holding a camera and zooming in on her as she started to piss. He felt his cock getting harder and harder as he watched that golden piss drip from her pussy and Lila had absolutely no idea so she just kept peeing!

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Kelly Teases Her Slit

October 15th, 2010

Kelly is a smoking hot redheaded babe who always drives every guy that meets her absolutely crazy. Guys literally fall all over themselves trying to get a look at her plump titties and those tight curves of hers. It doesn’t seem to phase Kelly though because there is one person in particular that she is interested in and that particular person doesn’t seem to even notice her. Kelly has had a crush on Tiffany for the past year but Tiffany doesn’t even seem to notice her and so for valentines day Kelly decided to do something extra kinky to get her attention!

Kelly went out and bought a really cute pair of lace panties and slipping in to them she pulled out her camera to take some really sexy shots. She was so nervous about showing them to Tiffany but she decided that she just had to let her know how she felt. Snapping a few more photos Kelly sent them over to Tiffany’s cell phone and just waited to see what happened. It was about thirty minutes later that Kelly’s cell phone buzzed and she saw a picture of Tiffany stroking her pussy! Kelly’s tight slit got so wet that she could barely stand it!

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Gia Takes a Piss

October 14th, 2010

Gia is a sexy blonde babe who is up for just about anything, at least anything that she knows will drive the guys crazy! Well last week a group that she is a member of had arranged to take a hike out in to the woods and help clean the area up a little bit. Gia paired up with one of the guys and they started flirting along the way and soon the two of them became so engrossed in flirting that they forgot all about their project and soon found themselves hanging back further so they could tease each other.

Things started off with a few dares but soon the guy was telling Gia to flash her pussy for him. Gia wasn’t about to refuse and it wasn’t long before she was doing everything he asked her to do just so she could see how hard she could get his cock! Finally she did exactly what he wanted her to and crouched down to take a piss. The guys cock was so hard that Gia thought he would explode right then and there but she could see him breathing harder and harder as he watched the pee flow out of her pussy!

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Miranda’s Hairy Twat

October 13th, 2010

Miranda has always known that she wasn’t one of the cheer leading types of girls and when she was in college she knew that she’d never get to date the captain of the football team…at least that’s what she thought. Miranda’s old roommate apparently had started to spread the word about how hairy Miranda’s pussy was and eventually word got to the football team. Miranda was absolutely mortified that everyone knew about her hairy twat but one night when her roommate was staying with her boyfriend there was a knock at the door. Miranda opened the door to find the captain of the football team standing there smiling.

It turned out that there was nothing that the guy loved more than a babe with a hairy pussy and he practically got down on his knees begging to see Miranda’s hairy slit! Miranda couldn’t believe it but she wasn’t about to pass up the chance to fuck the hottest guy she’d ever laid eyes on! That night Miranda realized how much power her hairy twat held and it wasn’t long before she started to become the hottest girl on campus!

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Anne Pisses Her Pants

October 12th, 2010

Anne has always been pretty shy, she doesn’t like to be the center of attention but a few days ago when she was walking back from town she had an emergency and knew that if she wasn’t careful she was going to make herself the center of attention. Anne had to piss so badly that she just couldn’t wait and even though she looked around frantically for a bathroom she couldn’t see one so looking around to see if anyone was looking she decided that she would just let a little piss go to see if she could make it home. Anne figured that her pants were dark so no one would be able to see what she had done…but she was wrong!

As she squatted down to the floor and let a little piss trickle out she realized that she had to go a lot worse than she originally thought and as she squatted there the piss just kept on coming! Soon she found herself with her pants absolutely soaked with piss and there was a huge puddle of warm piss underneath her as well! She didn’t know what to do because it was obvious that she had pissed all over herself, her pants were clinging to her skin and there was a huge dark spot where the pee had soaked through!

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