Cleo Takes A Piss On The Steps

Cleo was supposed to be going to a job fair at the local convention center but when she got there she realized that she was too early. She had arrived at 11am instead of 1pm and now she had a few hours to kill. As she walked around the place she noticed there was some nice grassy areas to lay down and take a nap. As she lay down it wasn’t long before the warm sun lulled her to sleep but not more than thirty minutes later she awoke and desperately needed to piss!

Looking around Cleo realized that only a few minutes had passed and that the convention center still wasn’t open so there really was no where for her to go and take a piss! Looking around once more Cleo made sure that no one was watching her and she quickly pulled down her panties and started to piss right there on the stairs. As the warm piss started to splash on the stairs Cleo felt so kinky! She couldn’t believe that she was pissing right there in public but the more she pissed the hotter she started to get knowing that she was doing something so kinky!

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