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Rosa Pisses At The Park

September 20th, 2010

Rosa has always been the friendly type of girl, she’ll smile at anyone and she’ll give anything a try at least once…although it usually takes twice for her to decide if she really likes it or not. Well last week when Rosa was hanging out at the park waiting for one of her girlfriends to show up so that they could go shopping together she spotted a strange looking guy hiding behind a tree and pointing a camera at her. Rosa laughed and shouted to him that she could see him and didn’t mind if he took her picture but she wanted to know what it was for. The guy came closer and told her he just thought she was beautiful and wanted to take her picture.

As he snapped away taking her photos though the real reason for his love of pictures came out, he was something of a pervert and he even suggested to Rosa that she take a piss for him so he could film it. Rosa wasn’t sure about the idea but she couldn’t say no to something that sounded so kinky so after looking around to make sure that no one was watching she crouched down and started to piss!

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Ruby Flashes Her Hairy Slit

September 19th, 2010

Ruby is a hairy babe who just can’t get enough of flashing her delicious hairy pussy to anyone and everyone who is willing to look. Ruby really gets off on flashing her hairy slit and usually when she flashes that tight hole to guys they always get so excited that they can’t take it because it’s not every day that you get to see a hairy pussy like Ruby’s! Hell, even Ruby can’t keep her fingers off that tight hole of hers and when she’s not teasing a guy she’s at home teasing herself and wrapping those soft pubes around her long slender fingers!

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Leah Has An Accident

September 18th, 2010

Leah had ditched her Friday classes to walk in to town and meet one of her girlfriends for coffee. She wasn’t doing too well in her statistics class anyway so she thought it’d be a lot more fun to go in to town and meet her girlfriend for coffee and maybe a little shopping as well. As she started walking in to town she knew it was going to be a long walk. She had underestimated how long it would take her to get there but she knew that whatever she was doing was sure to be better than going to class!

As she walked further in to town she started to need to piss. She knew that there was a bathroom in one of her favorite stores on the way to the coffee shop so she was trying to hold it until then. As she walked each step shook her whole body and she started to realize that she wasn’t going to make it. With one final step the piss started to trickle down her leg. Her denim skirt hugged her tightly as the piss trickled slowly down her thighs, past her knees and on to the ground with a splash!

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Helen Shows Her Twat

September 17th, 2010

Helen has always been just about as kinky as they get and when one of her friends came over and asked her to come out and pose for his photography class she wasn’t about to say no. Instead, Helen decided that she was going to give him an extra special surprise as soon as he started clicking that camera. As they were walking Helen decided that she just couldn’t keep her secret to herself and leaning in she whispered to Andy that she had forgotten to put on her panties. Andy was obviously pretty excited since he stopped right there in his tracks and told her to pose for him.

Helen flashed him a naughty smile and walking in to a nearby park she sat down on the ground and spread her legs just enough to flash her delicious shaved pussy for him! She could see his fat cock growing harder by the second and as hard as his dick got her pussy got even wetter at the thought of teasing that cock right there in public. As she watched him she slowly slipped down her top as well and flashed her perky little titties with a grin!

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Jordan Pisses In The Woods

September 16th, 2010

Jordan had never really been an outdoorsy kind of girl but when her new boyfriend said that he had to go and help his uncle on their farm over the long weekend she volunteered to go along and help. It wasn’t really that she wanted to go to help but more that she wanted to go so that she could be with her new guy because she was certain that they were going to end up fucking soon and she just couldn’t wait to feel his fat cock deep inside her tight wet pussy! So she packed up her backpack and met her boyfriend at his apartment for the ride up to the farm.

On the drive out to the farm there were no stops, the roads were all pretty rural and after a couple of hours Jordan was so desperate to piss she had her boyfriend pull over at what looked like a couple of outhouses. As it turned out they were grow houses for one of the local farmers but at that point Jordan didn’t care and running out to one she pulled down her panties to take a piss. Little did she know that her boyfriend was watching every drop come out of her tight slit!

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Julia Teases Her Twat Outdoors

September 15th, 2010

Julia is a delicious redheaded teen babe who just loves to be naughty at any chance that she gets! She just loves to show off with her camera in hand and send the pictures to just about anyone she can think of because nothing turns her on more than sharing photos of her delicious tight teen body! One day last week when Julia was feeling pretty naughty she decided that she was going to take her camera down to the park and snap a few pictures when no one was looking. The thought of being caught while she was teasing for the camera got her pretty horny though!

As Julia lay down on the soft grass she looked around to make sure that no one would catch her and then she lifted her skirt and slipped her camera underneath to take a few pictures of her panties. Once she realized that no one would be able to see her she let her skirt come up a little more and felt the fresh air on her pussy. Then she couldn’t stop herself and she pulled aside her cute panties and started to tease her delicious pink pussy lips until she was so wet that she couldn’t take it anymore!

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Wendy Takes A Piss In The Park

September 14th, 2010

Wendy was supposed to be on her way to her best friends recital in the town hall. She had begun her trip late and was certain that she was going to miss everything so she took a short cut through the woods next to her house to try and save herself some time. As she walked through the woods she started to feel a familiar sensation though and then she realized that she hadn’t taken a piss before she left. She could still turn around and run back home but instead Wendy decided that she was going to take a piss in the woods.

Walking a little further Wendy came to a clearing with a big concrete curb that dropped down in to a stream and for a second she couldn’t help but think about how hot it would be if she could squat down right there. Then she realized that there was no one watching so she squatted down and pulled up her skirt and then she pressed against her pussy to aim her piss and she pushed as hard as she could to start that flow of golden piss. The harder she pushed the higher that arch went and she just couldn’t help herself from getting soaking wet at the thought of pissing out in the open!

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Britney Shows Her Hairy Pits

September 13th, 2010

Britney had been craving one of the guys that she works with for such a long time that she just couldn’t take it anymore and finally she asked him to come over for dinner one night. She had heard from some of the other girls at work that he was something of a playboy and he would put out on the first date and that fact alone made her wetter than ever! Britney couldn’t wait for the night to roll around and when it finally did she was aching to feel his cock deep inside her tight wet slit!

As Danny came in he knew what he had in store for the night and the two of them didn’t even make it past drinks before they were teasing each other like crazy! Soon Britney found herself completely naked and Danny was watching her teasing him in a cute striptease. As she rubbed her fingers over her hairy pussy she watched his cock start to twitch and she knew that he just couldn’t get enough of her hairy sweet slit!

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Yvonne Pisses Her Shorts

September 12th, 2010

Yvonne headed down to the lake in her tight short green shorts and her cute green top. Her girlfriend had told her that she would set her up on a blind date and if she showed up over at the side of the lake by their favorite bench then she would make sure that she wasn’t disappointed. Yvonne had been running late though and instead of getting ready before she left she grabbed her makeup and did it on the way down to the lake. By the time she got there she was still running late though and realized that she had forgotten to take a piss before she left. By the time Yvonne realized that she hadn’t [peed|pissed]] it was too late.

Every single step she took shook her bladder and soon all she could think about was finding somewhere to take a piss. Realizing that there was no where nearby Yvonne couldn’t do a thing to stop herself and before she knew what to do she had started to piss in her shorts. A small wet spot started to grow bigger and wider on her shorts and eventually her tight green shorts were absolutely covered in piss and clinging to her pussy!

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Tanya Shows Her Pussy

September 11th, 2010

Tanya has always got off on flashing people. At first it started off by accident when she got stranded on the highway in a snow storm and she had to piss by the side of the road with everyone nearby watching. Just the thought of everyone watching her at the time made her pussy dripping wet and she couldn’t even piss! Since then she has done everything she can to get the chance to flash her delicious slit any chance she could including taking walks down to the local lake without any panties on under her short skirt!

Last week Tanya went down to the lake in her short denim skirt and tight black tank and she was already dripping wet at the very thought of someone catching her without panties on. Soon she found a nice little place where she could sit and spread her legs. At first she was a little shy and just spread them enough to feel the warm breeze against her shaved pussy lips but soon she found herself lifting up her skirt to show that slit and pulling down her shirt too! With her perky titties out in public and her wet pussy flashed to the world she was so wet she couldn’t stand it!

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