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Diana Pisses Her Tights

September 30th, 2010

Diana is a cute brunette teen who loves to be part of the party scene and any chance she gets she drops in on her friends parties. Lucky for Diana she’s hotter than hell so she only has to work a couple of nights at a local strip club and she makes enough to support her party life. Diana is always the center of the party and all of her friends know that once she shows up that things are going to get pretty crazy. All of the guys just love seeing Diana showing off in her tight pantyhose and her tight outfits but one day last week when she was on the way to a party she wound up wearing a lot more than that!

As she walked through town to go to her friends party she knew that she was going to have an amazing time but as she got half way to the party she realized that she had to piss desperately. As she took just a few more steps she couldn’t help herself and the piss started to flow. At first it just trickled down her legs but soon it became a full blown piss fountain that spurted out of her red pantyhose!

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Tess Toys In Public

September 29th, 2010

Tess has always been something of a kink lover and one of her favorite fetishes of all time is flashing her tight slit and her perky tits out in public. Usually Tess will just flash her tits or lift up her skirt to get the thrill and once her pussy is dripping wet she finds a secret spot where she can slide her fingers over her dripping wet pussy and make herself cum. A couple of days ago though Tess decided to do something a little more extreme, she wanted to see just how hot and heavy she could get and so she slipped her favorite toy in to her bag and headed out to the park.

When Tess got to the park she sat down with her back to a woman and set up her camera. As her camera started to take pictures on a timer Tess got more and more brave. At first Tess just spread her legs but soon her slit was dripping wet and she just couldn’t resist pulling out her toy from her bag and teasing her wet pussy just a little bit. The more she toyed though the hotter she got and soon she had her skirt up around her waist and was pushing that toy deep in to her slit!

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Olivia Takes a Piss

September 28th, 2010

Olivia is a cute blonde teen who always loves to do things that she knows she shouldn’t. Olivia really gets off on breaking the rules, especially when breaking the rules involves flashing her delicious pussy any and every chance she gets! Nothing gets Olivia hotter or wetter than knowing that she might get caught at any minute as she flashes her juicy wet pussy for passersby…nothing that is unless she is desperate for a piss as well!

Olivia has always been turned on by the idea of pissing outdoors and when she realized that wearing short skirts meant that she could just step out of her cute cotton panties and squat down to take a piss right there, well she just couldn’t stop herself. Soon all Olivia could think about was flashing her dripping wet pussy and squatting down where someone might catch her so that she could take a piss. As that golden liquid flowed from her tight hole she would feel her slit getting wetter than ever! She would squat right where she stood and listen as that golden piss splashed to the ground.

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Tori Teases Her Pussy

September 27th, 2010

Tori just loves to play the naughty girl for the camera and when her boyfriend had to go out of town for two weeks on business she thought that the perfect way to keep him aching for her would be to pull out her camera and take a few pictures! At first Tori had planned on just dressing in a cute pair of panties and her red robe and just doing a few teasing pictures but once she got all dressed up and started snapping away with the camera…well she soon got in to the mood of it and couldn’t stop herself from doing a  lot more than just teasing!

Tori held the camera out as she ran her fingers over her soft pink nipples and then with a smile she let her fingers slip down over her soft toned stomach. Slowly she slid her fingers inside her lacy panties and as she felt her soft pubic hair slide between her fingers she couldn’t help but let out a moan. She was having so much fun she nearly forgot to take pictures as she teased her tight wet slit! She just knew that her boyfriend was going to enjoy her pictures though!

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Janie Takes A Piss

September 26th, 2010

Janie has always been a pretty shy type of girl and when she applied for a modeling job with a local agency she was so nervous just showing off in front of the camera. Janie had no idea what type of thing she would end up doing in front of the camera though but once she got in to the groove she actually started to enjoy herself and couldn’t wait to show off more of her delicious body as that camera flash kept flashing. Last week though Janie went out to the park for a shoot with her new job and wound up doing a lot more than just posing!

As she neared the middle of a shoot she told her new boss that she had to go and take a piss but rather than excuse her Janie’s boss told her to just start pissing right there. Janie couldn’t believe what he had told her but she just couldn’t hold it any more and lifting up her skirt she crouched down and started to piss. That warm piss trickled out of her slit and started to pool on the ground between her legs and as she did her new boss snapped picture after picture!

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Tanya Shows Her Hairy Slit

September 25th, 2010

Tanya is a naughty brunette babe who just can’t wait to show off her tight slit any chance she can and that tight slit is so hairy and delicious that it’s no wonder that she just can’t wait to show it off! Tanya is always looking for new guys to tease with her hairy pussy and when she found an online website dedicated to sexy girls with hairy slits she just couldn’t wait to become part of it. When she found out that she could be a part of that site by taking a few pics she just couldn’t wait and she pulled out her camera.

Tanya pulled out that camera and started snapping pictures and as she lay back on the sofa she spread her legs and pulled her tiny panties aside and flashed that delicious hairy slit with a smile. She ran her fingers over her pussy and wrapped those soft pubic hairs around her fingers to tease them. As she feels the soft hairs she feels her tight pussy getting wetter and wetter and soon she can’t help but slide her fingers over that wet pussy and slowly she slips one finger in to her tight hole and teases herself.

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Sandy Pisses Her Pants

September 24th, 2010

Sandy was on her way back from a long and unproductive day of shopping. She had gone out to try to find a new dress to wear to her ex-boyfriends wedding. She had wanted to find something special, something that was sure to make him jealous but so far she had found nothing. She’d been out for six hours and found nothing and now she was due back at work and had to get home to change first. Sandy started back home, the walk wasn’t that far but she realized half way there that she was desperate for a piss.

Each step she took she felt the urge to piss throbbing in her bladder and she finally took that last step and as she did she knew that she just couldn’t take anymore and that piss started to trickle down her thighs. The crotch of her pants started to stain with piss and she just couldn’t walk any further so she crouched down and let that piss trickle down to the floor. As that piss started to pool on the ground Sandy had no idea what she was going do.

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Dianne Shows Her Slit

September 23rd, 2010

Dianne has always been a bit of a tease. Anytime she feels like she can get away with teasing a guy she goes for it and it always makes her wetter than ever knowing that she is getting a complete stranger off by flashing her delicious body. One of Dianne’s favorite things to do is to go out in public without any panties on and just when a guy is looking her way she flashes him a peek at her perky titties or her shaved pussy or for very lucky guys she flashes both!

Last week when Dianne was out at the shore enjoying a little sunshine and just getting away from work for a while she spotted a guy from a construction crew nearby. As she sat down on the boardwalk she flashed him a smile and he smiled back but went back to pretending that he was talking on his phone. Dianne saw the perfect opportunity and spreading her legs just a little she flashed her soaking wet shaved pussy. She knew he couldn’t see but she hoped that he would turn around and catch her as she was showing off that tight slit!

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January Takes A Piss

September 22nd, 2010

January had recently met up with a guy that she’d secretly been stalking for a while. She would time her morning coffee run every morning to make sure that she ran in to him at the coffee shop and finally one morning he started to talk to her and they got to chatting. As it turned out the guy was a pretty outdoorsy type of guy and he loved to hike, lying, January told him that she liked to hike too and he invited her to join him on Saturday for a hike on one of the local hiking trails.

January was so excited that she ended up getting there a good thirty minutes early and as she waited for him she realized that she really needed a piss. Not wanting to miss out on seeing her new friend she decided to duck behind one of the maintenance buildings to take a quick piss while no one was looking. As she squatted down and the piss started coming; however, she heard someone approaching and looking up she saw her new friend standing there watching her take a piss. Just as January was about to excuse herself she watched as he whipped out his dick and started to stroke it!

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Lilly Shows Her Slit

September 21st, 2010

Lilly has always fantasized about having sex in public, in fact even the thought of flashing in public is enough to get her delicious pussy soaking wet. She had never dared to flash in public though because the thought of getting caught was just too scary. One day a few weeks ago though Lilly was feeling pretty daring as she was walking down town and she decided it would be the perfect opportunity to try her hand at flashing, even if it was just a little bit she was sure that it’d feel amazing.

Lilly started by lifting up her shirt and taking a picture of her bra with her cell phone and when no one caught her a few minutes later she lifted up her bra as well and flashes her tits. Taking another picture she started to wonder just how daring she could be and as she stood there with her shirt up she pulled at the waist of her pants and her panties and took a picture of her pussy. At first she was so nervous about getting caught but then she couldn’t stop herself from pulling down her panties and spreading her pussy lips right there in public!

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