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Liann’s Hairy Arm Pits

July 21st, 2010

Liann is a seductive Asian babe who always gets just what she wants by batting those soft brown eyes of hers. In fact Liann doesn’t even have to do that with the guys from her neighborhood who know her because they know all about Liann’s secret. You see Liann isn’t like most of the other girls in the neighborhood. Liann doesn’t play shy or hard to get like the younger girls do and she has something even more special that sets her apart from the total sluts of girls as well – her pubes! Unlike other babes her age Liann doesn’t shave herself bare, she loves the feeling of soft pubic hair and she knows that her boyfriend do too!

Liann has quite a few boyfriends of her own but can you blame her? She loves to get her tight hairy twat pounded every night by a different cock and she never stops to ask if they’re coming back for more because she’s always booked through the next week with hot fucking fun! What guys love most about this delicious Asian gem is that Liann has such soft pussy hair and such whispery soft armpit hair that they can stroke their dicks in it and be ready to cum immediately!

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Jane Pisses Her Panties!

July 20th, 2010

Jane had been assigned a walk through a nature park as park of her botany homework. She hadn’t wanted to take the class in the first place but she’d heard from the other students that it was an easy A so she jumped in feet first for her easy A. Her teacher had assigned her four individual flowers to find and press for next class and he had even told her where to go to find them so Jane found herself walking through the park the day before her assignment was due looking for the flowers.

Jane had been walking for what felt like hours now and she had only found one of the flowers on her list and not only was she getting tired at this point but she desperately needed a piss. As she scanned around everywhere looking for the last few flowers she realized that she’d have to run up to the public toilets before she could continue her search so she headed for the steps. It was with the second step though that she realized that she was far too late. The pee was already trickling down her legs and soaking through her pink panties!

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Justine Shows Her Pussy!

July 19th, 2010

Justine had been waiting for the longest time to go out on her first date with her crush from work. In fact to tell the truth she’d been waiting since even before he asked her out, she’d had a crush on him for so long! So when he asked her out for a date she couldn’t help herself from screaming yes! They had skirt and packed up a basket full of food so that they could really enjoy the afternoon in the sun.

After they got to the park Justine lay out on the grass and watched Liam as he ran around collecting her flowers from the nearby flower bed. Then he came over to her and pulled out the camera to take a picture of her laying back on the grass but when she lay back he noticed something else he wanted a picture of! Justine had her legs spread and she had forgotten to put her panties on and she was flashing her perfectly shaved slit from underneath her skirt! He snapped away with that camera catching every inch of her sexy shaved slit!

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Sophie Pisses In A Glass

July 18th, 2010

Sophie hadn’t been on a date in over a year and when she met up with Danny online and he invited her over to his place for a drink before they went out to dinner she just couldn’t believe it. She was so excited about it! She headed over to his place and she had to admit that she was nervous beyond belief but when she got there she tried her best to hide her nerves. He offered her a drink and they sat talking to each other doing the awkward introductions before they decided to head out to the movies.

As they were getting ready to go Sophie excused herself to go to the bathroom, she was shocked when Danny asked her why. She told him she needed to pee before they left and at that very moment he handed her a glass. “Do it in this” he said. She looked at him for a moment to gauge if he was serious but when she saw the huge hard on growing in his pants she knew that he wasn’t kidding. It had been so long since she’d got laid she didn’t want to lose the chance and pulling her panties aside she held the glass under her slit and started pissing in the glass. It took a few minutes to get started because of her nerves but after a minute she started to get in to it, watching him stroking his dick while he watched her!

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Liv Shows Her Hairy Pussy!

July 17th, 2010

Liv loves to show off her body to anyone and everyone and she is never short of suitors begging to see that slender body of hers and her delicious hairy pussy! She always finds that when she is at work at the bar all she has to do is lean in over the bar and she gets crazy tips. Well once, when she hadn’t put any panties on – because she just loves the feel of a cool breeze against her pussy as she works a long shift – she bent over in her short skirt and one of the patrons caught a glimpse of her pussy. That night he left her a ridiculously huge tip. Liv realized then that she could make plenty of tips just showing off her body!

The next night Liv found a customer who showed an interest in her and leaning over the bar she dropped her address in his hand and told him that she got off work at ten. At ten on the dot he was back again waiting to take her home and when they got back to her place she made sure that he got a private show that would give her the biggest tip she’d ever received!

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Sandy Takes A Piss Dock Side

July 16th, 2010

Sandy and her boyfriend had gone out for a walk along the boat docks after the rain stopped. They always liked to go out and walk around town just to get out of the house once in a while even if it was just for an hour. The were such a perfect match together though that people always smiled as they watched the two of them shoving each other and joking around. Little did people know that they were an even better match when it came to the bedroom though because these two kinky teens were always ready to fuck and when it came to foreplay there was no better.

As they walked alongside the dock Sandy grinned at her boyfriend and knowing that it would drive him absolutely insane she ran and sat up on one of the poles by the see and pulled aside her panties. She knew he already had a hard on just from seeing her pussy but she was intent on making him want to jizz in his pants! As she held those panties aside she flashed a grin and then as she sat there in plain view she started to piss! The golden arch splattered to the floor!

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Holly Shows Her Hairy Slit

July 15th, 2010

Holly is a delicious brunette babe and she really gets off on showing off her mouth watering body off for the camera. She loves nothing more than teasing guys until they’re ready to explode and then…she loves teasing even more! One of the best things about this naughty dark haired babe is that she has a hairy pussy, she’s not in to shaving or even trimming her slit Holly loves her slit hot and wet and hairier than ever! She also finds that the hairier her slit the more guys love it too!

Take a look at these pictures of Holly as she shows off her mouth watering body, from those tiny perky titties to her juicy round ass there is nothing about Holly that doesn’t scream ‘fuck me!’ Watch as she teases those tits until her nipples are rock hard and then she bends over to show off her mouth watering ass! That plump round ass is so hot but it’s even hotter when she bends over and spreads those ass cheeks to flash those tasty wet hairy holes! Even Holly can’t keep her slender fingers off her pussy as she twirls that soft black hair around her fingertips!

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Mona Pisses Her Shorts

July 14th, 2010

Mona was supposed to start her new job at a local fashion shop today, she wasn’t scheduled to show up at the shop until 2pm but when she arrived in town on the bus she ended up getting there half an hour early. She hadn’t had a choice though because the next bus would have left her late for work so she decided to take that bus and just hang around the town for a bit until it was time for her shift to start. As she stood out there she got more and more desperate to piss but it was getting closer and closer to start time of her job.

Finally Mona decided that she’d start heading out to work so that she could use the bathroom there but as she took just a couple of steps she realized that she was in trouble. With each step her bladder felt more and more as though it was going to burst and finally she stepped back against the stone wall and she just couldn’t help it, the pee started to flow. As it trickled down her legs she knew she was going to have to call in late to work, she couldn’t very well turn up with wet panties!

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Cassie Flashes Her Tits In Public

July 13th, 2010

Cassie has always been a cute teen tease, it doesn’t matter where she is or what she’s doing all she cares about is showing off her tight teen body and getting guys all worked up! Cassie’s favorite pass time is heading out to local monuments and photo spots and teasing her boyfriend as he holds the camera. Something about posing in a really public photo spot and showing off her perky little titties and her delicious shaved pussy. Her boyfriend just snaps away with the camera and with each picture he takes his cock gets harder and harder!

Last weekend Cassie dragged her boyfriend out to the bridge downtown and he knew that it was going to be a great day out because Cassie was just in one of those moods where she was willing to do absolutely anything! As she sat up by the bridge she pulled up her shirt and flashes her tits but that didn’t seem to be enough to excite her so she let her top fall back down. As she sat there she spread her legs just enough to flash that delicious shaved pussy and just as she did a total stranger walked over and she could see that he had the biggest boner she’d ever seen!

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Penny Takes A Piss!

July 12th, 2010

Penny was hanging out at her friend Mark’s house with a few friends. Mark and his roommates always had a few beers in the fridge and could always come up with ideas for things to do when they all decided to skip classes. This week, however, the ideas were slim, it could be due to the fact that there were only three of them there instead of the usual six but as they sat at the back of the yard they tried to come up with an idea of something to do. As Penny took the last drink from her bottle of soda she dared Mark to piss right in to the bottle without touching the lip of it. He took the bottle and managed to do it just find but then came Penny’s turn.

Mark dared Penny to whip down her panties right there and just start pissing while they watched. She thought it was just fun and games and whipping down her panties she started to let the pee flow free. But as she let the piss trickle out of her slit she kept her eye on Mark and slowly but surely his dick started to get so hard that she couldn’t ignore it!

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