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Pussy Flashing On Campus!

July 31st, 2010

Jessie has always been pretty shy on campus and while she had her own group of friends she liked to keep to herself for the most part. When Jessie had spare time she didn’t like to get together with friends or go to parties or anything, she’d much rather take a book out to the green and sit out in the sun for a while. One day though Jessie made a new friend in a photography student but it didn’t happen the way one might have expected it to because rather than just strike up a conversation the guy just snuck up on Jessie and started clicking that camera like crazy!

Jessie was so embarrassed especially when she realized that she hadn’t put panties on and that the reason he was clicking away was that he had caught a flash of her bare shaved pussy! She had been sitting with her knees bent and her feet propped up and he had caught sight of her twat as he walked by and not knowing what to say but wanting to look longer he started snapping away with the camera! The more he clicked though the more she started to get pretty turned on by the idea!

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Sissy Caught Pissing

July 30th, 2010

Sissy is a hot redheaded babe who just can’t help being a total show off. She always loves showing off for her friends and whenever there is a party she makes sure that she is the life of the party and the center of attention! Well Sissy and her girlfriend Adrienne went down to walk around town for a while and see some sights but most of all they went to see if they could pick up some cute foreigners who could show them a good time and spoil them rotten. Well Adrienne walked off with one of the guys they met as soon as they met and Sissy wasn’t so sure about her guy. She made sure that they walked around the public monuments  but as they got talking she sort of liked him.

As they walked and laughed and chatted they started getting closer and then she mentioned that she needed to pee. His eyes just lit up and he asked if he could watch. Sissy was caught off guard but when he offered her a couple hundred dollars so that he could watch her she took it without a second thought. As she squatted there pissing she saw his eyes get big and his cock getting hard!

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Missy Shows Her Tits

July 29th, 2010

Missy is a short haired little minx and she recently started dating a new guy that she met at a local sports bar. Things were going really well and they started off moving really quickly and things only got quicker and quicker. In fact the two of them spent an entire day and night in bed one weekend, they just couldn’t keep their hands off each other. Missy rode his fat cock until she was unable to walk and then she sucked him off until he couldn’t take any more!

After their fuck fest Missy went in to the bathroom to take a shower and as she walked in and shut the door she’d just started slipping out of her lingerie when the door creaked open and she turned around to find her new fuck buddy holding her camera in his hand. At first she squealed and told him to get out because she didn’t want to be caught on camera but then when he started snapping and telling her to strike a pose and she just couldn’t stop. She started to tease her little titties as he begged for more and she started to reach down to her slit, watching him get excited all over again!

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Shyla Takes A Piss

July 28th, 2010

Shyla had always been a great student and she’d never missed a day of class before since she started college a couple of years ago. This Tuesday, however, was such a beautiful day outside that Shyla took a walk down to the park before one of her classes and she got so caught up looking at all the beautiful flowers that she didn’t realize she was late for class until she was so late she’d never make it on time! So instead Shyla continued looking around the park. She texted her newest fuck buddy teasing him telling him how hot it would be to fuck out there on the green and that he should come and meet her after class.

As Shyla waited and waited though she realized too late that she needed a piss. She needed a piss so desperately she couldn’t even get up and so she sat there on the border of the flowers and without panties on anyway she lifted her skirt and started to piss. The golden arch flew from her hole like a piss rainbow and Shyla was sure someone would walk by and see what she was doing but she just couldn’t stop. It felt so good as she emptied her bladder!

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Nina And Hailey Teasing Each Other

July 27th, 2010

Nina and Hailey have been friends for so many years that they can’t begin to remember how they met but what they do know is that they have been through everything together. The girls had seen guys come and go in each others lives but the only thing that had stayed constant was each other and one night after a little too much to drink the girls realized that they could give each other just what they needed! The girls had finished an entire bottle of wine between them and as they caressed each other softly they realized that their slender fingers already knew all of the right places to slide themselves.

Just watch what happens when Nina and Hailey start slipping their fingers over each others soft skin. They slide their fingers between each others legs and as they lean in to each other they feel that soft pubic hair twisting around their fingers. Nina slides her tongue along Hailey’s neck and watches as she leans back in to her with a smile and she spreads her legs wide and begs her to slip her fingers inside.

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Rita Pisses Her Shorts

July 26th, 2010

Rita has always had a nervous bladder, in fact it’s also the size of a pea so she never makes it more than thirty minutes without having to take a piss no matter where she is or what she’s doing. Sometimes Rita can’t even make it thirty minutes without desperately needing to go to the bathroom! Recently Rita decided that she was going to try and walk around town on her lunch break from work. A few of her clients at the diet store had mentioned that she looked a little overweight so she thought it would help to walk during her lunch break.

The first day that Rita tried to walk around town though she ran in to a problem. Each and every time she walked close to the fountain in the town square she desperately had to piss. She thought she’d be able to control the need but the third time she came up on the fountain she was paralyzed. Pushing herself against the wall she tried to keep control of herself but she felt the pee start to trickle down her leg and then she just couldn’t hold it anymore! The piss started running down her legs and splattering on the cold concrete!

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Jordan Teases In Public

July 25th, 2010

Jordan and her boyfriend had been having a rough go of it lately, they just couldn’t find the time to be together since they were both working full time and going to school as well. Their sex life had diminished to absolutely zero and they both knew that they had to do something about it. Knowing that her boyfriend was really in to flashing and loved to watch those DVD’s with the girls who flashed their tits anywhere and everywhere, she decided that she was going to treat him to a day out at the park.

For the first time in a long time they both took a day off work and headed to the park. When they got to an area surrounded by benches Jordan handed him the camera and told him to start shooting photos so that they could “remember this day”. But as he started to click the shutter started to capture something a lot naughtier than he’d imagined it would! As Jordan squatted down against the benches and pulled down her shirt letting her perky titties fall out of her top, as she watched him staring at her in amazement she then lifted up her skirt and flashed her pussy at him as well! She hadn’t been wearing panties!

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Liz And Hannah Piss Outside

July 24th, 2010

Liz and Hannah always made it a point to get together and do something every Saturday, usually they went to the mall or went to catch a movie. Lately though the two of them had been talking about getting back in to shape and they decided that instead of going to watch a movie together they would go for a walk down at the park. While it was a spur of the moment decision and neither of the girls were really dressed for the occasion they decided that they would give it a try anyway just so that they could say that they tried.

They had already walked just a little way around the park when Liz told Hannah that she needed a piss. Hannah told her to just go but when Liz told her she was too embarrassed to do anything like that Hannah laughed and then pulled down her panties, squatted right there on the path and started to pee! Liz couldn’t believe it but she really did need to pee and knew that she’d never make it home in time now so she did the very same. As the two girls squatted together, the golden piss trickling out of their slits they couldn’t help but feel a little naughty!

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Sian Flashes In The Bathroom

July 23rd, 2010

Sian and her friends went out every Friday night together, whether it was raining, snowing or even if there was a hurricane they always met  up at Mrs. Fian’s Chinese restaurant. There was a bar at the back of the place that always kept them there until closing and they always ate their fill of pretty much everything on the menu. Most nights they would drink until they could barely walk home and then they’d stumble each other back to one flat and pass out until morning. Last week though things took a strange turn when Sian and one of her long time friends Gregory started to flirt.

At first it started off as harmless flirting but when everyone else was deep in conversation one day Gregory leaned over and whispered in to Sian’s ear. “Take a photo under your dress for me”. Sian couldn’t believe what he’d said but at the same token it really turned her on to think about being so naughty. Grabbing her cell phone she excused herself and slipped in to the bathroom to snap a few pictures for Gregory. When she came back out she had so many pictures of her dripping wet slit that she knew Gregory would end up back at her place!

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Sheila Takes A Long Piss

July 22nd, 2010

Sheila always took the short cut home through the woods. Passing behind old sheds covered in corrugated iron she would hurry as quickly as she could through the deserted part of town and try to get home in time to catch her favorite soap on TV. Usually Sheila made it in plenty of time but last week she was pressed for time after she’d stayed late at work to help her boss close up. As she hurried through the park she realized that she hadn’t even stopped to piss before she left.  By the time she was halfway through the park she knew that she’d never make it all the way home!

Looking around Sheila made sure that no one else was watching her and then she stepped over to the corner and slipped down her panties. As she knelt there in her nude stockings she spread her feet just a little and soon the golden liquid started to pour. She hadn’t realized that she was so desperate until she started to piss and then she just couldn’t stop herself. She felt so relived after letting it all go and as she squatted there in the open with her bare pussy showing she couldn’t believe what she had done!

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