Nina And Hailey Teasing Each Other

Nina and Hailey have been friends for so many years that they can’t begin to remember how they met but what they do know is that they have been through everything together. The girls had seen guys come and go in each others lives but the only thing that had stayed constant was each other and one night after a little too much to drink the girls realized that they could give each other just what they needed! The girls had finished an entire bottle of wine between them and as they caressed each other softly they realized that their slender fingers already knew all of the right places to slide themselves.

Just watch what happens when Nina and Hailey start slipping their fingers over each others soft skin. They slide their fingers between each others legs and as they lean in to each other they feel that soft pubic hair twisting around their fingers. Nina slides her tongue along Hailey’s neck and watches as she leans back in to her with a smile and she spreads her legs wide and begs her to slip her fingers inside.

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