Sian Flashes In The Bathroom

Sian and her friends went out every Friday night together, whether it was raining, snowing or even if there was a hurricane they always met  up at Mrs. Fian’s Chinese restaurant. There was a bar at the back of the place that always kept them there until closing and they always ate their fill of pretty much everything on the menu. Most nights they would drink until they could barely walk home and then they’d stumble each other back to one flat and pass out until morning. Last week though things took a strange turn when Sian and one of her long time friends Gregory started to flirt.

At first it started off as harmless flirting but when everyone else was deep in conversation one day Gregory leaned over and whispered in to Sian’s ear. “Take a photo under your dress for me”. Sian couldn’t believe what he’d said but at the same token it really turned her on to think about being so naughty. Grabbing her cell phone she excused herself and ducked in to the bathroom to snap a few pictures for Gregory. When she came back out she had so many pictures of her dripping wet slit that she knew Gregory would end up back at her place!

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