Sheila Takes A Long Piss

Sheila always took the short cut home through the woods. Passing behind old sheds covered in corrugated iron she would hurry as quickly as she could through the deserted part of town and try to get home in time to catch her favorite soap on TV. Usually Sheila made it in plenty of time but last week she was pressed for time after she’d stayed late at work to help her manager close up. As she hurried through the park she realized that she hadn’t even stopped to piss before she left.  By the time she was halfway through the park she knew that she’d never make it all the way home!

Looking around Sheila made sure that no one else was watching her and then she stepped over to the corner and slipped down her panties. As she knelt there in her nude stockings she spread her feet just a little and soon the golden arch started to pour. She hadn’t realized that she was so desperate until she started to piss and then she just couldn’t stop herself. She felt so relived after letting it all go and as she squatted there in the open with her bare pussy showing she couldn’t believe what she had done!

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