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Callie Takes a Piss

May 31st, 2010

Peeing Mania

Callie was out and about with her girlfriends last Friday for lunch. Everyone had taken off work so that they could all go out for lunch and have a few beers but a few beers turned in to a lot of beers and the girls ended up having quite a party on the town. It wasn’t even evening and the girls were completely blitzed and making quite a scene around town! The girls were daring each other to do crazy things like go wading in the river which Madeline did. Then one of the other girls dared Callie to take a piss right there in the street.

Callie had never even pissed in nature while camping let alone piss in the street but she was so drunk and had to piss so desperately that she agreed to do it. The girls started laughing so loud that they got everyone’s attention and just when everyone was looking Callie hiked up her skirt right there and started to take a piss. The crowds started gasping and turning around talking among themselves but Callie didn’t care. She had to piss so bad that she couldn’t stop. It just felt so good as the golden pee trickled from her slit!

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Freddie’s Big Titties

May 30th, 2010

Me, Beautiful

Freddie and her boyfriend had been together since they first started dating and so many of their friends kept asking them how they kept things going. Freddie would always wink and tell them that she had her wiley ways of keeping him interested. As it happened Freddie’s boyfriend was a truck driver part time while he was going to school and after they both graduated he began to drive all the time. Without being under each others feet all the time really helped them to keep that special spark but what really helped was Freddie’s kinky streak!

Freddie always made sure to send naughty messages to her boyfriend from her cell phone when he was driving late night shifts. It wasn’t always just messages that she sent to him though! Sometimes Freddie would get her camera out and pose for some really sexy photos that always got his blood going! Last weekend after her boyfriend had been on a particularly long shift Freddie set up on the living room couch with her camera and started to tease her massive titties while she snapped away. Taking pics was one of Freddie’s favorite things to do because as soon as her husband came home from working he’d carry her upstairs and ravage her!

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Shannon Pissing in the Park

May 29th, 2010

Hot Pissing

Shannon is a fiery redhead babe who has always been one to break the rules. Shannon loves to show off her tight toned body and usually she can be found walking around with her tiny sports bra on and a short skirt that shows off her bare thighs and her long legs. Last week when Shannon wanted to get out of the house she told her boyfriend to grab the camera and follow her to the part so they could take some fun pictures. Her boyfriend had no idea that she was about to do something really naughty!

Shannon started posing for the camera, doing her cutesy camera kissing poses and her boyfriend kept snapping pictures with every move she made. It wasn’t until Shannon lifted up her skirt that her boyfriend realized things were about to get really naughty. Shannon showed her pussy and he realized that she wasn’t wearing any panties and then she did something that completely took him off guard. She spread her twat lips and lifting her skirt higher she started to piss! The golden arch of piss started to splash on the ground and a puddle quickly started to form. Her boyfriend just couldn’t believe what he was seeing but at the same time he was turned on by watching her piss!

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Sasha’s Hairy Slit

May 28th, 2010

Hairy Places

Sasha and her boyfriend have always been hot and heavy when it comes to the bedroom. Any chance they get they are fucking each other’s brains out in the bedroom but when they started to watch porn together they started to get ideas of naughty things they could do to spice up their sex lives. One day Sasha and her boyfriend found a video of a naughty slut with a really hairy pussy and that night her boyfriend fucked her so hard that she came four times over the course of their fuck filled night. Sasha decided that she should grow out her pubes and see if it made him even hornier!

It took a while but once Sasha’s pussy was covered in soft black pubes and her arm pits were covered with soft hair she called her boyfriend and told him to come home early from work. Doing as he was told he came home early and when he opened the front door he found Sasha sitting on the couch with her legs spread and her hairy slit showing and her arms up in the air to show off her hairy pits too. He could barely control himself!

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Margie Pees Her Pants

May 27th, 2010

Wet in Public

Margie was walking home from shopping, she had managed to get a few great deals at the shops but she had been in such a rush to get home before her boyfriend got home and found that she had been shopping again that she’d forgotten to take a piss before she left. As she started walking home she realized that it was a big mistake because the further she walked the more desperate she became to take a piss. Her bladder was about to exploder and then she realized that there was no way that she couldn’t step even one step further without pissing herself.

Ducking between two cars she crossed her legs desperately searching the horizon for a bathroom but it was just too late and she started to piss. As the piss trickled down her legs she was so embarrassed but it just felt so good. To finally let go of the pee felt so amazing and she couldn’t stop herself until the piss has completely gone and her pants were absolutely soaking wet. Margie had no idea how she was going to get home without being caught with her pants soaking wet but she definitely felt so much better!

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Karlie and Steph Flashing

May 26th, 2010

Public Expose

Karlie and Steph had decided to bunk off school but their plan wasn’t as well planned as they had thought because once they met up they realized that they didn’t have a plan. They had no idea what to do with themselves until it was time to go home so they just walked around town a little bit. Finally they came to the park in the town center and sitting on the wall they started talking to each other about how lame school was. There wasn’t much to the conversation until Karlie felt something fall in her shirt and lifted her shirt to see what it was.

Steph looked over and seeing Karlie’s titty she felt her pussy getting wet at the excitement of it all. She started giggling and as Karlie looked over to see what she was laughing at Steph lifted up her blouse and flashed her tits too. The girls were laughing hysterically by this time and turned it in to a game. They knew that people were walking by but they didn’t really care who was watching because it felt so good to be so naughty. The girls flashed each other their tits and then their slits too!

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Maggie Takes a Piss

May 25th, 2010

Peeing Mania

Maggie had been trying to get a job with the local museum and they had asked her to help them build their collection of photographs of local landmarks. Packing a bag full of her photography supplies she had her boyfriend come along with her to carry her stuff while she chased great pictures to help make the local art exhibit great. As she ran around the park with her camera in hand she clicked and snapped away getting just about everything she could on film to guarantee that she had a good picture.

When Maggie realized that she had to take a piss she handed her camera off to her boyfriend and ran off in to the woods to find somewhere to pee. Little did Maggie know that her boyfriend was following her and when she turned around to find the perfect pissing spot she saw him standing there with the camera in hand! Maggie started taunting him and thought he would put the camera down if she pulled down her panties and started taking a pee, she was wrong. When she started to piss her boyfriend started snapping away catching her on film forever! Each trickle of piss that came out of her slit he caught on camera.

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Louise Shows Her Slit

May 24th, 2010

Me Beautiful

Louise has never had any trouble getting guys, from her big juicy tits to her perfectly shaved slit she’s always been a big hit wherever she went. Recently though Louise decided to settle down with a guy she met online but she was a little worried that things were going to get stale pretty quickly since she was used to jumping from guy to guy so she made the extra effort to put a little spice in to their relationship. Louise’s new boyfriend was always going out of town on business and usually she would pack a little note or a picture of something hot she’d found on the net but this time she did something really naughty.

A few nights before he left Louise snuck in to the bathroom with her camera and took some naughty pictures of her tight naked body. Making sure to get all of her curves in the photo she just knew that her boyfriend was going to go crazy when he unpacked his suitcase and found one of her naughty photos inside! Posing with her tight shaved pussy showing and her big juicy tits flashed she knew it was the perfect picture to get him off!

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Patsy Pissing

May 23rd, 2010

Hot Pissing

Patsy knew that her husband was a bit of a freak show when it came to what he liked to do in the bedroom but she loved how horny it made him when she did whatever he wanted so she never complained. One day last week Patsy was doing chores around the house when her husband grabbed her ass and told her to meet him in the car in five minutes. Patsy had no idea what he was up to but she knew that he’d got something in mind that meant she’d end up completely naked.

After a short drive Patsy found herself out in a field and he husband was telling her to strip off and spread her legs. He wanted to fuck out there in the middle of the field where anyone could walk up and see them. Patsy told him that he’d have to let her piss first and as soon as she said it his face lit up. He begged her to pee for him, he wanted to watch that golden arch flow from her slit. Knowing how hard his dick would get watching her piss she just couldn’t say no and laying back on a log she spread her pussy lips and started to piss.

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Jen’s Hairy Pussy

May 22nd, 2010

Hairy Places

Jen’s boyfriend has always had a fetish for sexy babes with hairy pussies but for her entire adult life Jen had shaved every inch of her body. She liked her pussy to be soft and smooth and she liked her armpits to be soft and hairless but when her boyfriend asked her to let her hair grow out she wasn’t sure what to say. He told her that he’d always wanted to see her delicious slit covered in hair and he wanted to nestle in with her at night and feel her hairy armpits next to his skin. Jen decided to try it and see.

After a few weeks Jen’s hair was coming in nicely, her pussy was covered in soft dark pubes and her boyfriend just couldn’t keep his hands off her. He slid his hand down her panties any chance he got, each time he walked past her he slid his fingers in to her panties and started to tease her hairy slit. Jen still wasn’t sure about keeping her pussy hairy but she sure did like all of the attention that she was getting from her boyfriend. It made her pussy wet and she couldn’t get enough of her boyfriend. They had gone from fucking every week to fucking every day!

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