Margie Pees Her Pants

Wet in Public

Margie was walking home from shopping, she had managed to get a few great deals at the shops but she had been in such a rush to get home before her boyfriend got home and found that she had been shopping again that she’d forgotten to take a piss before she left. As she started walking home she realized that it was a big mistake because the further she walked the more desperate she became to take a piss. Her bladder was about to exploder and then she realized that there was no way that she couldn’t step even one step further without pissing herself.

Ducking between two cars she crossed her legs desperately searching the horizon for a bathroom but it was just too late and she started to piss. As the piss trickled down her legs she was so embarrassed but it just felt so good. To finally let go of the pee felt so amazing and she couldn’t stop herself until the piss has completely gone and her pants were absolutely soaking wet. Margie had no idea how she was going to get home without being caught with her pants soaking wet but she definitely felt so much better!

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