Maggie Takes a Piss

Peeing Mania

Maggie had been trying to get a job with the local museum and they had asked her to help them build their collection of photographs of local landmarks. Packing a bag full of her photography supplies she had her boyfriend come along with her to carry her stuff while she chased great pictures to help make the local art exhibit great. As she ran around the park with her camera in hand she clicked and snapped away getting just about everything she could on film to guarantee that she had a good picture.

When Maggie realized that she had to take a piss she handed her camera off to her boyfriend and ran off in to the woods to find somewhere to pee. Little did Maggie know that her boyfriend was following her and when she turned around to find the perfect pissing spot she saw him standing there with the camera in hand! Maggie started taunting him and thought he would put the camera down if she pulled down her panties and started taking a pee, she was wrong. When she started to piss her boyfriend started snapping away catching her on film forever! Each trickle of piss that came out of her slit he caught on camera.

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