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Heidi’s Hairy Twat

April 30th, 2010

Me, Beautiful

Heidi is a fiery haired hottie who just loves to show off her tight body for the camera. She started off just posing for pictures for her boyfriend but when she found out that she could take pictures of herself completely naked and make cash for it she knew she had found her favorite job! Hopping on to an amateur babe website Heidi took a look at what the other girls were doing and then she called her boyfriend and told him to come over to her place and take pictures for her so she could show off her pussy to other guys for cash!

Heidi’s boyfriend was actually pretty excited about the idea, he thought the idea of other guys drooling over his girlfriend’s hairy pussy made his cock ache so he ran right over with the camera. Heidi had no problem posing for the camera but her very favorite shots were those where the camera was right underneath her tight shaved twat! She loved the idea of strangers looking right at her slit while she got wetter and wetter by the second! Posing for pictures knowing that guys were going to jerk off to her made it so hot!

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Alyssa Takes a Piss

April 29th, 2010

Hot Pissing

Alyssa was out and about with her boyfriend shooting some pictures to add to her modeling portfolio. She was recently asked by a modeling agency to work with them and she accepted the position but they required that she have a portfolio so for the last few weeks she had been making her boyfriend follow her around with a camera to catch her on film. Just yesterday she was out at the park and was doing some every day posing type stuff when she was struck with a need to take a piss.

Alyssa’s boyfriend told her to just duck in the bushes but she wasn’t sure, she didn’t want anyone to catch her taking a piss. Finally she just couldn’t walk another step and she crouched down on the pavement and just let the warm golden piss trickle from her slit. Her boyfriend felt his cock getting harder by the second as he watched her pissing and then he pulled out the camera and started snapping away. At first she didn’t notice as she was so relieved to just be taking a piss but then she saw him and started to get mad but she just couldn’t stop pissing!

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Hallie and Sara

April 28th, 2010

Hairy Places

Hallie and Sara were working on a class project for anatomy class. Their model wasn’t going particularly well as they tried to form the shape of a woman and then Hallie told Sara to take off her shirt so that she could make sure that they got it right. Sara told her that she would only do it if Hallie did it as well so they both did. For a second Hallie couldn’t take her eyes off Sara’s tits. Sara giggled and told her to take a picture that it’d last longer. Hallie grabbed her cell phone and took a picture and Sara started squealing at her to delete it but as she reached over and grabbed for the phone her tits rubbed against Hallie’s neck and Hallie felt her pussy getting wet.

Sara was a little shocked at first when she felt Hallie’s hand on her tit. When she felt her nipple getting hard she slid down to the couch and reached over to grab Hallie’s tit as well. The girls licked their lips and it didn’t take long for them to strip off and start teasing each other’s hairy twat. Sliding fingers through soft pubic hair the girls started breathing heavily.
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Poppy Wets Her Pants

April 27th, 2010

Wet In Public

Poppy was waiting for her ride, she had told her friend that she was getting off work at 12:30 and needed a ride home and her friend had agreed to come and pick her up. The problem was that when 12:30 rolled around there was no one there and then 1 rolled around and there was no one there either. Poppy was getting pretty upset, especially because she really had to take a piss but she was afraid that if she moved that her ride would show up and she’d end up missing it and have no way home.

As Poppy walked the sidewalk waiting and waiting finally she couldn’t wait anymore and for just a second she crouched down hoping that she could stop the piss from coming but ultimately it just made things worse. As she crouched she felt the piss coming, trickling slowly, dropping in her panties. Soon her panties were so wet that they clung to her pussy and for a second the warm piss felt so good and then her pants started to get cold and she wondered how she was going to get home with her pants covered in soaking wet piss!

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Red Toys Her Slit in Public

April 26th, 2010

Public Expose

Red and her boyfriend were always looking for the next thrill, it kept their sex life hot and heavy and it kept both of them interested in each other. Well last weekend Red’s boyfriend was telling her how he thought it’d be so hot if they could just go fuck out in public and people would be so turned on that they’d all start fucking too. Red told him that’d never happen but she said that she could tease her pussy out in public while he took pictures and they could both get off when they got back home.

When they got out to the park there were a lot more people around than they expected but it turned her on even more thinking about being caught. She found a spot on the bench and it was then that she pulled a huge dildo out of her purse. Her boyfriend couldn’t believe that she’d brought such a huge dildo but he couldn’t believe even more when she lifted up her skirt and crammed the whole thing in to her tight slick pussy. He watched as people walked behind her having no idea what she was doing and she toyed her pussy faster and harder.

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Holly Pissing in the Woods

April 25th, 2010

Peeing Mania

Holly and her friends had decided to spend the weekend camping at this campground where a lot of their friends went to party and chill out. Holly hadn’t really thought about the fact that camping meant that she’d have to piss in a shed without running water though and when she got there and made the realization it was too late to do anything about it. Holly held it until she just couldn’t hold it anymore and went to the shed but she just couldn’t step foot in the place so instead she opted to pull down her panties and take a piss outdoors.

Toilet paper in hand Holly crouched down and pulling off her panties she spread her legs and let the piss flow. What Holly didn’t know was that one of her older friends could see everything she was doing from his spot in the woods and as he finished pissing he kept his cock in his hand, stroking it gently as he watched her taking a piss. The more of the golden juice that flowed the faster he started to stroke his cock until he just couldn’t stop. His dick throbbing in his hand and the warm piss trickling between her feet was enough to make him cum!

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Ashley Licks Her Tits

April 24th, 2010

Me Beautiful

Ashley wasn’t the hottest girl at school and she was never the center of attention like the cheerleader girls. In general she kept to herself most of the time but she knew that if only the guys knew what a kinky little slut she could be then they wouldn’t push her away so much. Every night when she got home Ashley let her inner kink run wild and grabbing out her webcam and her camera she always made some really horny guys on the web happy! Ashley had even thought about doing her own website where she charged guys to look at her naked but to be honest she couldn’t imagine taking money to show her tight body off, she liked doing it for the thrill of seeing guys fat dicks!

Last week a guy who had seen some of Ashley’s pictures online asked her if she would shoot some pictures just for him of her with her perky little tits out and her hairy pussy showing. Ashley was so excited that she grabbed her camera right away and started snapping pictures. She just couldn’t keep her hands off her hairy slit either, running her fingers through her curly pubes!
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Courtney Pissing by the Club

April 23rd, 2010


Slutty redhead Courtney worked at one of the biggest nightclubs downtown. For the most part she was in charge of everything from taking inventory to making sure that the club was clean and ready to go come opening time. Well lately there has been some construction going on at the club and Courtney was getting pretty tired of having the bathrooms full of construction workers and finally she got so pissed that she ran out to the back of the club to take a piss right there in the alleyway.

Slipping down her panties Courtney looked around to make sure that there were no construction workers watching her and finally when the coast was clear she started to piss. The warm golden arch flowed from her slit and as she kept pissing she didn’t even notice that there was a construction worker standing behind her. He stood there watching Courtney as she pissed and he felt his fat dick getting harder the more she squatted there. Reaching in to his pants he grabbed his hard dick and stroked his shaft as he watched her and then suddenly she heard him moan and turned around to find him standing there!

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Mia’s Hairy Pussy

April 22nd, 2010

Hairy Places
Mia is a sexy dark haired babe and she knows just how to get the guys interested in her with just one flash of her hairy pussy! Last weekend Mia went out to a nightclub with one of her girlfriends. Her boyfriend recently left her and so she was out on the market for something to take her mind off the guy. Soon enough Mia spotted a sexy looking guy sitting over at the bar and she knew instantly that she was going to take him home with her and show him what he would have missed out on otherwise. The guy didn’t seem to argue when Mia took his hand and slid it under her skirt.

When they got back to Mia’s place she pushed him back on the sofa and told him to sit back and watch the show. Mia started by lifting up her skirt and flashing her hairy pussy underneath her smooth pink satin panties. As she took her pussy hair between her fingers and started to roll the hair while she watched her newest fuck buddy biting his lip and just wanting to bury his face deep in to her musty hairy pussy!
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Uma Takes a Piss

April 21st, 2010

Wet In Public
Uma was headed home from a shopathon, she had hit just about every store that she could find and she’d found so many great deals she just couldn’t believe everything she’d ended up coming away with. She hadn’t wanted to leave the mall but she knew that she had to get home and start on making dinner before her boyfriend came home so she shopped until the very last minute and then rushed back home. When she was almost home Uma was hit with the desperate need to take a piss. She’d made it all the way to her block but she just couldn’t walk any further.

Leaning up against an apartment building Uma looked around to see if anyone was watching her and when she realized that they weren’t she just let go. Warm piss trickled down her thighs, soaking her panties and landing on the pavement with a splash. Uma couldn’t believe how good it felt to just let go and let the golden piss flow. At the point where pee was soaking through her panties she just didn’t care who saw her anymore!

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