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Naked Cheerleading Teen

March 31st, 2010

Me Beautiful

Tia has always been a pretty girl and she had no trouble getting on to the cheerleading squad once she got in to high school. She was pretty sad that this was her last year on the squad before she went off to college but she knew that the freedom she’d have in college was well worth it. For now she was intent on enjoying herself cheerleading and being a real dick tease. Every day at practice while the football team did their practice Tia would flash under her skirt for the quarterback and she’d watch as he’d screw up the next play because he was too busy daydreaming about her pussy!

When Tia got home to the empty house she’d always pull down her panties and laying on the sofa she’d tease her pussy until she just couldn’t take it anymore and she’d cum around her slender fingers. Last week though as she thought about the quarterback of the football team and his face everytime she flashed him she knew that she wanted to take a picture of her teasing her slit. If anything was going to tease him more than a quick flash it was the real thing! Grabbing the camera Tia started to tease her slit and snap pics!

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Chantelle Pissing in a Basin

March 30th, 2010

Hot Pissing

Chantelle has been single for longer than she cares to think about but last week when she was at her best friend’s bachelorette party at a local bar she ran in to a guy who seemed interested. After the party the two of them got a drink together and Chantelle was pretty sure that she’d found a guy that she could really have some fun with. That night they went back to Chantelle’s apartment and fooled around but Chantelle told him that she didn’t want to fuck on the first date so things ended there with a promise of a second date.

The second date rolled around fast and Chantelle ended up going straight from work over to his place after doing an hour of unexpected overtime. When she got there dinner was ready and they had a nice chat but afterwards when he led her in to the bedroom Chantelle was a little freaked out! On the floor of his bedroom was a glass basin and as she sat on the bed she asked him what it was for. He explained to her that nothing got him off as much as watching a girl piss and he was hoping that she’d pee in the basin for him!

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Brunette Teen Slut

March 29th, 2010

Hairy Places

Mike was sick of the bitchy girls at his office and he worked way too much to have time to meet up with women outside of work so he turned to an online dating service. After a few weeks of looking around the site he began to feel pretty down about the whole thing, it seemed like a lot of women looking for rich guys until one Friday when he logged on and he found an e-mail from one of the women on the website. Looking around to make sure that none of his coworkers could see he clicked on the e-mail and found a folder of photographs inside.

Mike had never been one for hairy babes but something about this Euro beauty really turned him on. The photographs of her as she knelt on the couch with her hairy pussy and hairy asshole up in the air just begging to be filled with dick. Mike couldn’t stop staring at her perfectly pink hairy slit and imagining what it would feel like to cram his dick deep in to that wet warm hole. Clicking reply he started to write to her about how much he loved her pictures and how he wanted to see more.

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Jessie Pissing in her Panties

March 28th, 2010

Wet In Public

Jessie was taking a short cut through the park on her way back home after work. She always took the short cut so that by the time she got home it was still light, plus it saved her an extra fifteen minutes of walking but last week even a short cut didn’t save Jessie from pissing all over herself! Usually right before she leaves work Jessie takes a pee so that she’s ready to walk home without any stops but as she was getting ready to leave last week her boss stopped her to talk to her and she forgot to stop off and go take a piss before she left.

By the time Jessie got to the park she was desperate for a piss and had no idea where there were any bathrooms. Finally not knowing what else to do she went and sat on one of the swings out of view of anyone and as she sat there the pee just started flowing. Her frilly blue panties got absolutely soaked in piss and not knowing what else to do she slipped out of them and shoved them in her coat pocket!

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Helen Shows Her Pussy

March 27th, 2010

Public Expose

Helen is the bosses wife down at a local construction company but she is also a hell of a slut when she has the chance to be. Last week she came down to the company office to bring her husband lunch but she found him sleeping on the job on a bench outside the office. She was ticked off to find him sleeping but when she saw a few of the guys who worked for her husband she perked up a bit because it gave her the chance to be a really dirty slut without him ever finding out!

The guys at the company office always loved when Helen came to visit and her husband wasn’t around because she’d always flirt and once in a while she’d flash her titties but she’d never done anything like this before! Sitting down on the bench next to her sleeping husband she beckoned over some of the guys who worked for her husband and opened up her legs to reveal that she wasn’t wearing any panties. When she saw the guys licking their lips she couldn’t help but pull out one of her titties to show as well! The guys couldn’t believe what they were seeing but they couldn’t stop looking either!

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Shel Pisses At The Park

March 26th, 2010

Peeing Mania

Shel was visiting the park with her brother and some of his friends. She couldn’t believe that she’d agreed to go because her older brother’s friends were all such morons and all they could talk about was hot chicks and how to get them in bed. A few of her brothers friends even hit on her but Shel told them she’d be far too much for them to handle in bed. The guys of course took that as a challenge and asked Shel to show them what she meant if she was “brave enough”. A few accused her of being all bark and no bite but when they really started poking fun at Shel she was determined to show them just how out of control she could be!

When they came to a small cliff she told her brother to go away for a few minutes so she could prove his friends wrong and once he was gone she told them all to watch very closely and they’d see just how nasty she could be. Slipping out of her pink panties she flashed them a big smile and then crouched down on the concrete and started to take a piss right there in front of them all! The guys couldn’t believe what they were seeing!

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Beth in Her Lace Panties

March 25th, 2010

Me Beautiful

Beth has always loved being the center of attention and when she discovered a website on line where girls posted their naked pictures to get comments from guys she knew that she was going to have a lot of fun with it. When she logged on she looked through all the other girls pictures first to see what sort of things the other girls were doing. After browsing through a lot of the pictures she couldn’t believe what some of the girls were doing but she had to admit that some of the pictures she looked at made her feel really horny. Watching other babes getting off for the camera made Beth want to touch her pussy, watching them slide fingers in to their twats made her horny as hell.

Pulling out her camera Beth set up a tripod so that she could take her own pictures. She could barely wait to slip down her jeans and slide her hand in to her red lace panties to touch her wet pussy. As she slid her hand in to her panties she felt her slit and slid one finger deep in to her soaking wet slit and all she could think about was the other babes she’d just seen!

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Gina Pisses on the Flowers

March 24th, 2010

Hot Pissing

Gina was at the park waiting for her boyfriend to meet her for lunch but he was running late and had forgotten his cellphone. Gina was pretty tired of standing around waiting for him but she knew that as soon as she left he would show up and give her hell for not being there when he arrived so she found herself a little rock to sit on and decided to wait it out. The first time she tried calling him it went right to his voice mail and then she tried again about ten minutes later and it did the same thing. She was getting pretty irritated.

As she sat waiting for her boyfriend she suddenly had to piss. There was a bathroom on the other side of the park but she didn’t think she could make it all the way over there at this point. Instead, since Gina never wore panties when she wore short skirts she decided that she would just squat on the rock where she was sitting and just start pissing! As the piss trickled out and down the rocks she beared down and pushed the golden arch all over the flowers. She looked around while she kept pissing to make sure that no one was watching her but to be honest she didn’t really care if they were!

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Tina’s Hairy Pussy

March 23rd, 2010

Hairy Places

Theo had always had a thing for hairy babes but every single girl he’d ever been with had at least trimmed her pussy and it just didn’t do it for him. Theo liked a big bush of pussy hair to bury his face in to, a huge ‘fro of thick black pubes to dive his nose in to and take a huge deep breath but he had never found the kind of babe who didn’t mind keeping it natural…that is until he found Tina. In an act of desperation Theo joined one of those adult themed dating sites online where he could specifically ask for a babe with a big bush and when he saw Tina’s picture he was in heaven!

As soon as they met for dinner Theo knew that he was going to dive face first in to her pussy as soon as she offered herself up to him and as it turned out it was that same night! Tina stripped naked and sat on his couch and when Theo came in with the wine glasses he couldn’t believe that he was seeing her huge bushy twat for the first time. Even when she closed her legs the huge bush of hair showed between her thighs!

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Georgia Pisses Her Pants

March 22nd, 2010

Wet in Public

Georgia hadn’t been driving for very long and when her car broke down last week she didn’t really know what to do. She had no knowledge of how to fix cars herself and she had left her cell phone at home so it’s not like she could call anyone anyway! Georgia decided that she was going to have to just leave her hazards on and walk to the nearest store to use their phone. Breaking down couldn’t have happened at a worse time though because Georgia was desperate for a pee and being afraid that her car had broken down only made her have to go worse!

Georgia started walking to the nearest stores, they couldn’t have been more than fifteen minutes away but as she walked the need to piss got stronger until she just couldn’t hold it. Looking around panicked Georgia finally just had to let it go! The wet piss trickled down her thighs and made a small wet spot on her pink pants that started to get bigger and bigger as she kept trying to walk. As her capri's got absolutely soaked in piss Georgia knew that she’d have to walk in to a store and ask to use their phone with her pants dripping with piss!

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