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Redhead Pissing at the Park

February 28th, 2010

Hot Pissing

Olga was doing a field trip with her university class, they had been studying local plants in the area and one of the local parks was well known for having a few pretty rare species of plants. The day had been pretty long and tedious so far, bending down to look at plants, drawing sketches and talking about what they’d found. Come lunch time when everyone was gathered up at the picnic tables to eat their brown bag lunches Olga was absolutely desperate to take a piss. Sneaking off to a secluded corner of the park Olga stepped up on to a tree stump and looking around to see if anyone was watching her she slipped her pants down to her knees.

As Olga crouched there with her pants around her knees she started to feel a little nervous about being caught but as she squatted the piss started to flow whether she wanted it to or not. At first it started with just a slight trickle but as the golden urine started to come out the stream got heavier and she started to piss a golden arc from on top of the tree stump.

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Hairy Asian Babe

February 27th, 2010

Hairy Places

Chi-Yun has always had a hairy pussy and she loved the way the soft pubic hair felt between her fingers whenever she slid her hand in to her panties. Chi-Yun had noticed the recent trend for babes to shave their tight cunts clean but she really didn’t want to say goodbye to her soft black pubes and so she decided that instead of shaving her slit to fit in with the other girls she would keep her sexy pubic hair and look for guys who loved it as well. Until then Chi-Yun had no idea how popular babes with pubes were but once she discovered a group existed online for guys who love pubes she was in absolute heaven!

Chi-Yun made some pretty good friends with her pube loving acquaintances and even started taking some pictures of herself to share with them. The thought of all of those guys jerking off their fat cocks while watching her in pictures teasing her soft pubic hair. She began to wish that she had the guys right there to tease her hairy pussy instead of having to do it herself and the more she thought about it the more she thought that doing webcam shows for the guys would be a great way to get her hairy pussy off!

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Misha Pisses Her Pants

February 26th, 2010

Wet in Public

Misha had been out shopping all day with her girlfriends but a whole day of shopping and sipping on coffee had left her desperate for a pee. As she said goodbye to her friends and started to walk back to her car she felt her bladder about to burst but she thought she could make it. As she turned around the corner and realized that her car was parked another two streets away she knew that she just couldn’t make it! Squatting down next to a car Misha looked around to see if anyone was looking but as she was still looking around the piss started to trickle out of her slit.

As she squatted down still in her panties and her pants she felt so good as the piss started to come out. As her bladder emptied she spotted a guy behind her who paused to see if he could see what she was doing but it was too late to stop and turning away from him she let her piss go full force! As her brown pants got wetter Misha felt quite naughty as her panties clung to her wet slit and so relieved as her bladder was finally empty!

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Hannah Strips Outside

February 25th, 2010

Public Expose

Hannah is a gorgeous redheaded teen who is ready and willing to do absolutely anything on a dare. When the guy that she was interested in started daring her to do stupid things like climb the museum monument Hannah never even batted an eyelid! There was nothing that Louis dared her to do that she hadn’t done, whether it was climbing the monument to wearing no panties under her dress but the longer they played their dare game the crazier their dares got. Last week Hannah dared Louis to get out of the car and take a pee by the side of the road in traffic and he did, so then he dared Hannah to do the craziest thing of all.

When they were out in town by the public library Louis dared Hannah to take off her panties and sit on the steps flashing her pussy. Hannah did just as she was told and then she took it a step further and untied her shirt to let her perky little titties show as well! Louis’ cock was rock solid at the sight of Hannah’s meaty pussy. He knew that anyone could walk by and see her and that thought just got his cock harder. Hannah wasn’t embarrassed either, as she sat there she ran her fingers down to her wet pussy and teased her juicy slit!

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Blonde Babe Pisses in a Bowl

February 24th, 2010

Peeing Mania

Gigi has always had a thing for pissing and when one of her girlfriend told her about a company hiring models for pissing porn she couldn’t believe her luck. Gigi gave the company a call to see if they were still hiring girls and when she found out that they were she told them that she’d be right down for an interview. When she showed up at the place they got right down to business and handing Gigi a bowl they told her to slip out of her panties and squat over the bowl and start pissing. Gigi couldn’t believe that she was about to get paid to piss in a bowl but she knew that this was about to be the most perfect job ever for her!

Gigi wasn’t ready for the nerves that struck as she squatted. She wasn’t sure about pissing in front of people. She frequently teased her pussy while she was pissing at home but when someone else was watching it wasn’t as easy to get turned on. Finally Gigi took a deep breath and relaxing her slit she let the piss start flowing, dripping down her pussy lips she started to fill up the crystal bowl with her warm yellow piss.

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Gia’s Stubbly Pussy

February 23rd, 2010

Me Beautiful

Naughty teen Gia has always been a kinky blonde babe, she has always known that it’s true that blondes had more fun because she lived a life of more fun every single day! Gia loves to be the center of attention and when she realized how much attention she could get from just posting a few photos on the internet she just couldn’t help herself and she grabbed up her camera and started snapping away every chance she got!

At first Gia only posted teasing photos. Photos that showed off her cleavage or photos of her blowing kisses but when guys on forums started asking for more skin to be shown and then they started asking specifically for pussy shots, well Gia just couldn’t help herself. Slipping off her panties Gia crossed her legs and sat commando in her short dress. Lifting the camera above her head she snapped a shot of her stubble covered pussy with a smile. She just knew that the guys on the forum were going to love looking at her slit and to be honest it really turned her on thinking about them jerking off to the photo of her tight teen pussy!

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Blonde Babe Pissing Outdoors

February 22nd, 2010

Hot Pissing

Sharon had been out all night, she’d been at one of the craziest parties of the year held over at her friend’s house. The music had been loud, the booze was free flowing and there were plenty of hot guys for Sharon to drool all over but all in all she had stayed out entirely too late and was running late. Sharon knew that if she turned up late to work on the weekend one more time then she would likely lose her job and so she was literally running across the city to get to work on time. Sharon was just going to show up in her clothes from last night because she had absolutely no time to get home to change first!

It was when she was about half way to work that Sharon had to piss so badly that she couldn’t even run anymore. She felt the piss start to trickle down her thighs in little drops and looking around she had to squat down on some granite steps. As she squatted she was just in time and a huge stream of piss started to jet from her juicy wet pussy all over the steps! Sharon couldn’t believe that she was taking a huge piss outdoors!

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Carly’s Hairy Pussy

February 21st, 2010

Hairy porn

Carly used to be completely embarrassed by the amount of thick black hair on her tight wet pussy but a couple of years ago she met a guy who absolutely worshiped her for the amount of hair on her pussy. Each and every time they would sleep together he would spend ages with his face just buried in her hairy cunt. He used to say that he loved the way that her pussy smelled, the way her thick hair felt against his mouth while he was eating out her twat. Carly couldn’t believe how much he worshiped her hairy pussy but she knew that she liked it and loved the time he would spend licking every drop of juice from her twat!

Even after Carly broke up with her boyfriend she started to spend hours just teasing her own slit. Rolling the thick black hair between her fingers she would get her pussy soaking wet and slowly slide her finger down between her legs and roll over her clit back and forth until she just couldn’t take it anymore. Even as she came she would grab hold of her pubes with the other hand and rub the soft hair under her fingers!

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Candy Pisses Her Panties

February 20th, 2010

Wet in Public

Candy has had a thing for pissing since she started dating a guy four years ago who would always beg her to piss on him. Before then she never thought about something so “weird” but when she first tried it for him she couldn’t explain how amazing it felt to feel her wet piss drenching her moist slit and ever since then she’s craved the feeling of a piss soaked pussy! One of Candy’s favorite things to do was to go out in public and piss on herself, usually she just let a little bit go and as soon as she felt that wetness start to soak her panties she would stop and find somewhere to hide while she rubbed her pussy until she came.

Last week though when Candy was out on a hiking trail and she had to piss so badly that she couldn’t stand it she decided to let it all flow. Soon enough she was completely soaked. Her pink panties soaked in piss clung to her pussy and every time she started to walk she would drip pee everywhere. Bending down Candy peeled off her wet panties and with a wet slop they landed on the floor!

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Pussy Flasher by the Fountain

February 19th, 2010

Public Expose

Liz had always been an exhibitionist, for as long as she could remember having tits she would do anything to flash them. When she was eighteen and smoking in the parking lot between classes one of the other students shouted “hey flash us your boobs!” and she did. The feeling of showing her tits got her excited and made her pussy so wet that she had to duck in to the bathroom and rub one out before going on to her next class. Liz’s exhibitionist tendancies only got worse as she got older and soon she couldn’t even get off without first going out in public and flashing her tight wet slit or at the very least her tits!

Just take a look at Liz in these pictures, as she sits out by the fountain. The whole park is filled with people and Liz is just as wet as she could be but just for the thrill of it she waits until there is a guy right behind her, until she can almost feel his breath on her neck and then she spreads her legs and flashes her tight wet pussy for the camera! You better believe that right afterwards Liz ran right back home and teased the hell out of her slit!

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