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Teen Enjoys Peeing In Public

November 30th, 2009


Check out these photos of a naughty redhead teen peeing outdoors. I’m starting to notice that redheads are some of the kinkiest, wildest girls on the planet. They always seem to be willing to get very naughty. She’s a perfect example. At first, she looks all sweet and innocent, but it’s not looking before she’s pulling up skirt, pulling down her pantyhose and squatting down. Hidden by just a tree, she starts to piss. The hot piss comes streaming out of her pussy, leaving a puddle on the ground between her legs.

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Horny Teen With A Dildo

November 29th, 2009


Check out these video clips of this very horny redhead amateur. She’s a very shy girl until she’s alone in her bedroom. She has a small collection of sex toys that she uses just about every night. However, she’s never used them in front of anyone else, let alone on camera. But her girl friend talked her in to making a video for Me, Beautiful. The friend had so much fun doing it that, she convinced this redhead to try it. She ended up loving it, it turned into one of the most intense nights of her life.

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Wild Peeing Spot

November 28th, 2009


I’ve seen some women pissing in some pretty wild places, but this tops it all. Check out these Hot Pissing video clips of this very naughty peeing exhibitionist. She could pee anywhere but she chooses to pee on the base of this bridge. It’s out on the water and in plain view. Anyone walking by on the near by sidewalk can see her and anyone floating by on a boat on the river could also see her doing her naughty deed. Of course, that doesn’t stop her from hiking up her skirt, pulling off her panties and peeing.

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Teen Can’t Hide Pee Accident

November 27th, 2009


Check out these video clips of a teen that pees her pants in public. And she doesn’t just pee her pants in public, but she’s just a few feet away from a busy street with cars streaming past. There’s only a small concrete wall that gives her some privacy, however if any of them look in her direction, they’ll see a giant piss stain growing in her pants and a puddle growing between her legs. It gets even more embarrassing because she has to walk down the street to get home to change her pants.

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18 Year Old Flashes In Public

November 26th, 2009


All of her friends and teachers thought that this 18 year old was so sweet and innocent, but she had another side and we get to see it in this sexy Public Expose photo gallery. Today, we get to see her naughty side. Today, she went out without any panties on underneath her short skirt. That alone would’ve been a hot adventure, but that’s just the beginning for her. She squats down, spreads her legs and makes sure the camera can see her bare pussy. She’s just feet away from a busy street and sidewalk. There’s cars and people passing by, but that doesn’t stop her.

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Cute Brunette Peeing On The Stairs

November 25th, 2009


Check out these video clips of this cute brunette eighteen year old peeing on the stairs. She looks like the kind of girl that’s a teachers pet and never gets into any trouble, however she’s being very naughty here. Not only is she peeing in public, but she’s doing it on camera. She looked so sweet and innocent, but she definitely had a naughty side to her. And even after she’s done peeing, she’s pulling up her skirt and flashing her tight teen pussy to the camera. She’s no angel, that’s for sure!

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Busty Redhead Takes Self-Pics

November 24th, 2009


Take a look at these photos that this busty redhead teen took of herself. This isn’t her first time posing nude for Me, Beautiful. She had so much fun taking her first self-pics that she decided to do it again. She loved the comments that she got. Knowing that so many men were checking out her pictures and and enjoying them really turned this slut on. She couldn’t wait to peel off her clothes to reveal her huge tits to the camera and show us her very fuckable pussy again.

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Teen Pees On Top Of Car

November 23rd, 2009


Check out these video clips of this naughty amateur peeing outdoors. She was planning to just pee on the ground with the video camera watching, but when she saw this wood stand on this tree, she decided to park her car in front of it so that she could get on it. She’s peed on some pretty crazy places, but never in the air like this before. It’s a major turn on for her and I’m sure that this won’t be the last time that we see her peeing outdoors for the Hot Pissing website.

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Brunette Teen Has Pee Accident

November 22nd, 2009


Check out these kinky photos of a brunette teen that pees her pants in public. She just couldn’t hold it until she found a bathroom. In fact, she couldn’t even hold it long enough to pull down her jeans. She was squatting down and before she could unbutton her jeans, she felt the piss starting to come out, making her pants uncomfortably wet. She was so embarrassed there were other people in the area and the stain in her pants was very obvious. She was quickly running away and looking for some place more private where she could clean herself up.

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Slutty Redhead Teen In Public

November 21st, 2009


WOW! I’ve seen some public sluts before, but this slutty redhead tops them all! Check out these pictures of her in action. She’s out at a busy public park. There’s people all around, walking right by her, but that doesn’t stop this slut from living out her wildest fantasy. She doesn’t even hesitate pull down her top and show that she’s not wearing a bra. She doesn’t stop their either. Soon, her skirt is hike up around her waist and she’s exposing her bare pussy. Now, she can’t keep her fingers away from her pussy. I wonder what the other people think!

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