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Peeing In The Kitchen

March 31st, 2009

Hot Pissing

There’s some pretty wild videos at Hot Pissing. There’s videos that feature women pissing outdoors, even pissing in the middle of public spots. However, this video features a smoking hot blonde pissing at home. However, as you can see, she’s not using her bathroom. Instead, she’s pissing in the middle of the kitchen. Check out these video clips of this pissing blonde amateur. She gets turned on peeing in places where she’s not supposed to. She doesn’t know why, she just knows that it excites her.

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Amateur Hottie Fingers In Public

March 30th, 2009

Pubic Nude Sluts

Today, I wanted to introduce you to one of my favorite amateurs from Public Nude Sluts. This horny hottie is a pure exhibitionist. Take a look at these photos from one of her latest adventures. She’s going through a walk through town and with the camera watching, she starts to flash her tits. It gets her so turned on that soon she has to rub her pussy. She can’t stop herself. There’s people walking near by, but she has to get herself off. Soon her panties come off and she’s fingering her bare pussy right out in the open.

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Barey Legal Cutie Exposing

March 29th, 2009

Public Expose

Check out these video clips of this barely legal exhibitionist. She definitely falls into the sweet and innocent category, yet she’s getting so naughty and doing it all out in public. She seems shy at first, but she definitely has an exhibitionist side. On this bench, she pulls up her shirt and flashes her perky tits. Then, she spreads her legs and exposes her bare pussy to the world. She’s not wearing a bra or any underwear. At any moment she could get caught, but that risk just turns her on more!

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Blonde Cutie Pees At The Park

March 28th, 2009

Peeing Mania

Check out these video clips featuring a barely legal babe peeing at the local park. She looks so sweet and innocent, but she’s behaving so badly. She has a pee fetish, she likes to be watched as she pees. This definitely isn’t her first time being watched, however it is the first time that she’s ever done it out in pubic and on video. It’s a major turn on for her! She goes to the local park and when no one is around, she slips off her underwear. Soon she’s squatting just about the ground, urine flowing out of her bare pussy.

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Barely Legal Cutie

March 27th, 2009

Me Beautiful

Today, I want to introduce you to a cute brunette eighteen year old named Ashley. Check out these very sensual photos of Ashley. She has the girl next door looks with an amazing body. She’s never done any sort of modeling before, but when she got her own digital camera, she couldn’t resist taking some very revealing photos. She took the photos from her bedroom. She definitely has the body model that needs to be showed off, her perky tits are perfect and I have no complaints about the rest of her body.

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Redhead Peeing Outdoors

March 26th, 2009

Hot Pissing

Check out these video clips of this naughty redhead babe pissing outdoors. She’s spending the evening with her friends at the local bar. When the line for the bathroom inside gets a little too long, she decides to sneak outside to empty her bladder. Behind the building, she pulls her panties half off, squats down and lets the urine flow from her bladder. She has to admit that it kind of turns her on to piss in pubic like this. She knows that at any second someone could come along and see her, but that’s something that actually excites her.

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Blonde Gets Naughty At The Playground

March 25th, 2009

Public Nude Sluts

Check out these photos of this amateur exhibitionist getting very naughty at the local park. She’s never done anything like this before. In fact, all of her friends think that she’s pretty sweet and innocent, but she definitely has a wild side. As you can see from the photo above, she doesn’t hesitate to pull up her dress and flash her bare pussy. With people around, she’s not shy about pulling down her top and flashing her perky tits. She even tries to get some stranger that was watching to join in, but he’s too afraid his girlfriend will find out. Overall, it’s one of the hottest exhibitionist adventures I’ve seen yet.

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Blonde Exhibitionist Goes Topless

March 24th, 2009

Public Expose

Check out these hot photos of this amateur exhibitionist. She likes to flash her boobs, even expose her boobs, but this might be the wildest adventure that she’s had yet. With the camera watching her, she heads out to the local park. Along one of the busy walkways, she unbuttons her dress and shows off her tight body to the world. People are walking by, some stare, some give her dirty looks, but all of it turns her on! She can’t believe that she’s doing it and when she gets home she’s going to finger herself to many orgasms!

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Busty Redhead Amateur Liy

March 23rd, 2009

Me Beautiful

Check out these photos of a very busty redhead babe named Lily. I love blondes, they’re always fun in and out of the bedroom. Brunettes are always willing to do whatever it takes to satisfy a guy. But it seems like some of the wildest and horniest chicks that I’ve ever met have been redheads like Lily. She’s married, but her husband has no idea that she’s taking nude self pictures and posting them on Me, Beautiful. I have a feeling that he would be shocked. he knows that she’s always horny, but he’d never expect her to do anything like this!

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Teen Pissing in the Woods

March 22nd, 2009

Peeing Mania

This brunette teen cutie was out at the playground just looking for trouble with her friend following close behind holding a camera. It wasn’t long before she ran behind some trees and pulling down her panties and hiking up her skirt she squatted. The camera guy had no idea what she was doing until a little trickle started between her legs. Soon enough that golden urine trickle turned into a rushing stream of piss! She didn’t even seem to care of anyone saw her as she crouched there behind that tree, a golden puddle forming and she just kept going!

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