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Amateur Nude At The Train Station

October 31st, 2008

Public Expose

Check out this video of this daring amateur exhibitionist. She’s taken off all of her clothes except her shoes and posing complete naked at this train station. It’s not rush hour, but it’s still a busy station. You can even see commuters walking in the background. There’s even a train coming soon, however that doesn’t stop this exhibitionist from putting on her show for the camera. She looks so cute and innocent, but you never know what kind of girl is an exhibitionist until you see her exposing herself in public.

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Amateur Blonde Pees In Public

October 29th, 2008

Hot Pissing

Take a look at this blonde teen peeing in public. She gets turned on by peeing in places where complete strangers could see her performing this naughty act. Today, she let one of the camera men from Hot Pissing follow her along on her adventure. She knew a busy street where there were always people around and that was going to be the destination for today. When she got there, there were people around, but that didn’t stop her from pulling up her dress, squatting down and taking a hot piss. Take a look at these video clips of this teen peeing in outdoors. You can tell that’s she having a lot of fun!

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Nude Babe Enjoying The Snow

October 28th, 2008

Public Nude Sluts

Come check out the photos of how this amateur babe is enjoying a cold, snowy day. Nothing is more exciting than that first snow fall of the year. You just want to be like a kid again running outside to make snowballs, catch the snow in your mouth and so much more! Well, this amateur exhibitionists is enjoying a much more adult kind of fun. She’s decided to go out wearing nothing but a long winter jacket, a scarf, her black thigh high stockings and black leather boots. She’s soon unbuttoning her jacket exposing her sexy figure to the camera and all of the complete strangers that are walking by!

Rain, sleet or snow – these naughty amateurs are out in public showing off their beautiful bodies. You can see all of their sexy videos and naughty photos at the Public Nude Sluts website. Come join these daring babes on their wild adventures. You never know where they might decide to pose naked next – along side a busy street, at the bus stop, in the middle of a crowded park, the sky really is the limit to their naughty fantasies. The only thing that can stop them is if they get caught by the police!

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Hot Blonde Flashing At The Bus Stop

October 27th, 2008

Public Expose

I’ve obviously been taking the wrong buses, because I’ve never seen anything like this. Check out these video clips of this blonde teen exposing herself by this busy bus stop. She’s wearing nothing underneath her dress and she’s soon putting on a show for the video camera, showing off her tender body. She doesn’t care if there’s people around, in fact she gets turned on when they start watching. She’s some sort of wild exhibitionist and today she’s living out one of her wildest fantasies. She doesn’t care if she gets caught, as long as she gets to flash the police officer too!

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Teen Gets Naughty In Broad Day Light

October 26th, 2008

Public Nude Sluts

After a few too many drinks, this naughty amateur is feeling a little buzzed and very horny and that’s when the fun starts. Check out the photos of this slut flashing out in public. It’s a Saturday afternoon, but this shopping area still has lots of people all over. No matter where she goes there’s people and some of them get a public show. She pulls down the front of her shirt and reveals her perky breasts. She’s not wearing a bra and it seems that she’s not wearing any panties either. Normally, she’s such a good girl, but today her exhibitionist side has been released!

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Cute Teen Exposing Herself In Public

October 25th, 2008

Public Expose

Even the sweetest looking girls can turn into the wildest girls when they forget about their inhibitions. Check out the video clips of this teen exhibitionist. She’s never done anything like this before, but she’s having so much fun, I don’t think it’ll be the last time that she’s seen exposing herself in public. She’s getting so horny, so turned on by being so naughty. She pulls up her shirt and flashes her perky breasts. Even though there’s people near by, she pulls up her skirt and reveals to us her tender pussy. It doesn’t get much better than this!

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Sexy Blonde Teen Pees At A Park

October 24th, 2008

Peeing Mania

I think that I have a new favorite pissing teen at Peeing Mania. Check out the steamy video clips of this hot blonde teenie peeing. Not only is she sexy, but she’s daring and a bit of an exhibitionist. She could’ve waited until she got home to empty her bladder, but she decided to take a piss in this busy city park. She slips her panties off, pulls up her skirt and starts to pee. We get an excellent look at her tight pussy and you can’t tell me that doesn’t turn you on! Who wouldn’t want to spend some time with this wild blonde hottie? I know I wouldn’t mind going along with her on one of her pissing adventures.

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Redhead Peeing In A Public Park

October 23rd, 2008

Hot Pissing

Take a look at the video clips of this redhead amateur peeing in a busy public park. There’s people all around and even house near by with more people inside of them. However, none of that stops her from her sitting down on this bench, pulling up her skirt, spreading her legs and emptying out her bladder. The hot, golden liquid comes flowing out of her pussy. The video camera records the entire piss on film as she makes a huge puddle of pee on the ground. She’s so daring, but when you have to go, you really have to go!

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Teen Nude In The Snow

October 22nd, 2008

Public Nude Sluts

It’s a cold and snowy day but that doesn’t stop this amateur cutie from having some fun outside. And no, I’m definitely not talking about watching her going sledding or ice skating. This teen’s definition of fun is a lot more naughty. She heads outside on this dreary day wearing a long black jacket with just a pair of black stockings and boots on. Check out these video clips of this teen in action. Along side a busy road, she unbuttons her coat to reveal her tender and delicious looking body. While cars go by, she’s exposing her perky tits and even her tight teen pussy.

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Blonde Teen Dildoing In The Open

October 19th, 2008

Public Expose

Take a look at these photos of this daring blonde eighteen year old. She’s completely stripping out of her clothes and posing naked out in the middle of this corporate district. There’s hundreds of offices all around her, in just about every direction. Who know how many people could be watching her and that thought alone makes her all sorts of horny. She can’t resist opening up her purse and taking out dildo. She spreads open her legs and gently slides the toy into her tender pussy.

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